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Arbor Low

Circle henge


Sunday 13 July 2003
Since it was now about 1.15pm, we briefly thought of leaving Arbor Low until later in the day, just before heading back to Leeds, in the hope that there would fewer people around.

We arrived to find the car park and verges at the bottom of the lane very busy.

Paying our 50p each we hurried up the incline beyond the farm towards Arbor Low itself. It was pretty busy, but I managed to squeeze off some photos to replace my mislaid ones, timing them carefully according to where people were standing and using a wide angle lens to reduce their prominence in the pictures.

As we wandered around the site I felt much more comfortable with the place than on previous visits. I wonder if it was the weather, which was much more friendly than when I've been to Arbor Low before. I don't think it was the people, though you never know – there's not been many about when I've been there before!

Since Sunday I've noticed that Mr Cope said it can seem almost like a 'little Avebury'. I must have remembered that subliminally I guess, because the exact same thought went through my head. Henge, ditch, stones, cove, grassy etc.

Ha! Consciously though my thought was prompted by a middle-aged (hark who's talking) female visitor advising a crony that the 2 of them really must go to 'Aylesbury or Avesbury or whatever it's called….' Hope Pete G doesn't hear them talking.

It really is a fascinating place. John thinks someone should make a 3d animation in full detail of what the site would've looked like when (or, if) the stones were standing. That would be interesting.

If someone would pay him to do it, he'd actually be a good man for the job – he worked for many years creating 'scenery' for computer games, has a great eye for detail and tenacity to spare. He's also at a 'loose end' and I'm on commission.

Anyway, after about half an hour, just as I took the last few photos on the film in my camera and I realised I'd left my spares in the car, something strange happened. Almost everyone walked off towards Gib Hill.

Now, I've only been to Arbor Low a couple of times before, but I'd only ever seen about 2 other people make the short walk to Gib Hill. On Sunday a veritable procession had begun. And we're not talking megaraks here, but bog standard sightseers. 'Sheep' syndrome?

Which is the norm I wonder?

Ironically of course, we decided not to go to Gib Hill this time – too many people! Weird. I wonder what the blue rinses thought when they got there. 'Oh, it's a little hill.' Sorry, that's probably patronising….

As a result, we missed out on Arbor Low II which I didn't know about on previous visits and haven't noticed from Gib Hill. I sometimes wonder if I walk around with my eyes closed….

Bet none of the blue rinses noticed it either though.
On the way back through the farm we noticed that some big renovation or conversion work is going on, and observed how nice it would be to live there. We both thought we'd try to get the path moved so that people weren't traipsing past the house all the time though!
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17th July 2003ce
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