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Midmar Kirk

Stone Circle


No field notes for seven and a half years, I reckon I can think of something to say.
I haven't been here for well over a decade, before even my getting a digital camera, I got the big orange book saw what things were like in Aberdeenshire and came more or less straight away, spurred on by absurdly perfect sites with wonderful names like Sunhoney, Balgorkar and Midmar Kirk, being a massive Star Trek fan I'm drawn to anything with Kirk in it's name. So here I am again, a place so splendid I could be on the bridge of the Enterprise, the kids have elected to stay in the car, my only company is my dog Mia, some birds, mine own thoughts and a host of dead people .
Even without Burls help I can tell that at least one of the stones is in the wrong place, but I don't really care much at all, because the recumbent and flankers are the best in the world, argue with me I dare you, they are just mind blowing, perhaps they're even responsible for my entire state of being, I was normal once you know.
Cope likened it to the top of Batman's cowl, I think, I wont liken it to anything except stone setting precision madness, I like it a lot.
What can I say about the churchyard in which it now finds itself, it's better than a barbed wire encased field that's for sure, it's quiet, peaceful, thought provoking, and lovely, are the grave stones too close? perhaps, but that is possibly inescapable in a place like this.
I keep reminding myself to go and look for the tall slender standing stone, about thirty yards north of the church in the trees, one of the few places better to find a prehistoric site than a churchyard is in some woods, these are nice woods, small, but nice.
Upon my return to home, I look on here and find that someone has described Midmar kirk thus.....How can a stone circle feel, well, 'creepy'? Just superimpose one nihilistic death cult and all its paraphernalia, that's how. Sorry, can't feel 'respect' for something that shows no respect itself. And I must make a comment of my own, Respect? at least the stone circle is still here, that's fairly respectful, isn't it? and calling Christianity nihilistic is a bit like saying that Tim Vine doesn't know any jokes, perhaps he's unsure what nihilistic means, sure, some religions have made mistakes in the past, who hasn't? no one and nothing is perfect. But those recumbent and flankers show an inkling of what perfection may look like.
postman Posted by postman
27th August 2017ce
Edited 27th August 2017ce

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Great fieldnotes, completely agree with you, I know some of the people at Midmar and they take great pride in looking after the circle. drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
27th August 2017ce
Thanks Drew, not really used to people agreeing with me, next time i'm up you can show me around all the sites near Dunideer and up Tap o' noth, hopefully it wont take me another decade to come back. postman Posted by postman
27th August 2017ce
That will not be a problem, anytime :-) drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
27th August 2017ce
TMA trip to Tap o' noth! me and Mrs T are up for that. I've marked it on my 2027 calendar as a possible :-) thelonious Posted by thelonious
28th August 2017ce
A very definite possible now, I don't do smiley faces, just imagine me always smiling, and never serious. postman Posted by postman
28th August 2017ce
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