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I feel compelled to post about this very special place. It's our 3rd day in beautiful Aberdeenshire & we visited yesterday. Now isn't it strange & wonderfully thrilling when some stones knock you sideways.
We have seen some stunning places already & have more to come but Tyrebagger stopped us in our tracks & my itinerary flew out of the window. This means that we'll lose out on other sites due to time constraints but what the hell, it's about here & now ain't it.
We struggled to get there; there's a lot going on construction wise in Aberdeenshire at the moment isn't there. Ugly gashes across the landscape etc etc, but what do I know? nothing that's what! We drove up a private road & tentatively asked a resident householder if it was ok to park up & search for the circle. He was graciousness itself & said it was fine, but didn't know where it was. He lives not 10 minutes away, how can this be. Anyway he was smashing. It tickles me how most people react when I ask about stones. I find that they most often glance sideways at me with a knowing smile twitching about their lips & their eyes follow you as you march away. Anyway am blathering as per.
I immediately felt blown away by Tyrebagger. I felt altered, my being expanded, my brain chatter ceased & I worshipped; now I don't use that word often. I also nearly broke my bloody ankle on the hidden stones underfoot. I started to march around the circle but gave up & sat with my back resting on the carved tree ( somebody's carved "fuck", I mean what the fuck!)
My bloke has a loud voice & I noticed an echo. I got him to shout & the echo was astonishing. It felt as though that shout would be heard for miles & miles. Much further shouting ensued; a herd of sheep came to investigate. The echo only seemed to work when we stood opposite the recumbent stone. It truly amazed us. Will the new road ruin this?
Eventually he quietened down & I sat with eyes closed. I felt a bit dizzy with exhilaration. Suddenly I smelt a strong whiff of perfume. It wafted around me for a few seconds & was gone. I couldn't identify it;it wasn't either of us & nobody else was there.
I'm not given to flights of fancy, I believe something shifted at Tyrebagger; something encircled me. I'll be ringing bells next!
We stayed for hours & the sun shone.
Sorry nothing about the actual stones which are of course magnificent. I'm glad we got to experience this place before new road starts roaring. I hope the rumbling doesn't render them unstable. A new favourite; thank you ancestors:)

Posted by carol27
29th August 2016ce

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Lovely post Carol, helped cheer up a dull Monday. Tyrebagger's a good one. thelonious Posted by thelonious
29th August 2016ce
Ringing bells, knew I was missing something in my life! Hey, glad you are enjoying Aberdeenshire, only discovered its delights recently, as Donovan said 'Could have tripped out easy but I've changed my ways' Need your reports on the other sites you have visited Posted by costaexpress
30th August 2016ce
Acoustics at Tyrebagger are good and the by pass won't affect that to much. If you go to Cothiemuir make sure and visit Old Keig RSC. The acoustic there is stunning! drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
31st August 2016ce
We did visit Cothiemuir, stunning, & attempted Old Keig, but we were knackered at the end of a long day & I couldn't face the barbed wire; saw it from a distance. So many beautiful places. I will blog. Still reeling.. got home 2 am this morning. Aberdeenshire is wonderful. Got t'ut Corr Stones tho..:)
Thanks for comments folks.
Posted by carol27
31st August 2016ce
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