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Stone Fort / Dun


Surely this impressive structure has to be the location for this extensive amount of folklore. It's on top of a knoll and surrounded by trees, so this also matches the description. But please dispute this if you know better. The stories were written down as part of the Schools Collection of the 1930s (a project to digitise them is currently in progress at
In the townland of Clogher there is a fairy fort. This fort, which is situated on a little mound, is circular in shape and is almost entirely surrounded by trees. Close to the fort is a by-road. Tradition tells us that many strange sights have been seen around this spot.

Some years ago some of the neighbouring children were passing by and to their astonishment they heard music, singing, laughter and ringing of bells. The children were horror stricken as they had often heard that the place was haunted with fairies and in amazement they turned towards the fort and there beheld a large crowd of what they thought were children. These were dressed in the most beautiful shades and colours and they formed a circle around the fort. The children now became terrified and grasping hold of each other they sat down on the fence as they could not seem to know where they were. The music still continued to ring in their ears and the laughter and talk which they could not understand also continued. After a time a bell rang, the music stopped, the fairies disappeared and everything was left unchanged and the children returned home to relate to their parents all that had happened. The parents on hearing the children describe the little folk whom they had seen informed them that these were fairies.

Another traditional story tells us of a neighbouring man who was one night returning home from visiting and he crossed the hill known as "Mullach na leice" wherein it is supposed there is a valuable treasure secluded. On hearing very loud talk he turned around but could perceive nothing. He continued on his journey but had scarcely taken a few paces until his path became remarkably bright and on gazing around he saw about twenty or twenty-five very luminous lights which soon passed by with great rapidity. He watched these lights with much interest until in a few moments they had reached the spot where the fort is and there they disappeared.

The lane, which passes by this fort, is usually avoided especially after night-fall although it is a short-cut on several occasions.
People passing by often remark that even on a summer's day when everything is calm and still that a whirl-wind rises and blows papers, straws or any other things, which are scattered around, up into the air where they remain tossing about for some time. When this occurs, if old people witness it, they make the sign of the cross or throw something in the direction the dust is moving.

When a death is about to occur in the neighbourhood it is remarkable that on many occasions a cry and a little light is to be seen moving around this fort.

The fort is never interfered with when the owner of the field is ploughing or doing any other form of cultivation as it is supposed that it is unlucky to interfere with such places.
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