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Of all the sites we visited on our Cornish trip, this one blew my mind the most. I'd kind of written off fogous prior to this, thinking that the evidence tipped too far in favour of those who claim these sites were intended as stores and/or refuges. All I can say is, if this was supposed to be a food-store, the builders must have had quite a shock when they realised they'd opened up a passage to the underworld - it really is that good. The psychological impact of staring into it's gaping void from a few feet before the entrance is a feeling I'll not forget in a long time.

We'd arrived at the site unannounced, not remembering (must do my research properly) it was necessary to make an appointment before hand. Jo May's daughter was just on her way out as we drove down the track leading to the house, and so she asked if she could help us. We told her we intended to visit the fogou, and she let us know (in the nicest possible way) that we should really have booked in advance. She said it'd be okay this time though, as there was no activity taking place in the Caer centre, and proceeded to lead us to the fogou.

Having visited countless burial chambers prior to this, and thinking this would be a similar experience, neither Ursula nor myself really had any qualms about just strolling on into the passage. I took a few photographs, and not having a torch used my flash to view inside the creep passage.

It was Ursula who first freaked out. As I sat, gazing down the creep, I heard her yelp from outside. I quickly turned round to see what was the matter, and saw she'd whipped off her coat, shaking it before me, thinking a bee was in her hood. Seconds later she flicked off her shoe, thinking something was in that, and I leapt backwards almost losing my footing. The place was really starting to freak us out so we retreated to the safety of the outside.

We took a few minutes to re-gather our composure, and then I set about taking a few more photographs. As I raised my camera to take a shot, I saw something leap from tree above me, a sudden panic made me stop what I was doing, only to find my terror had been caused by one of the trees branches gently swaying in the breeze. I sat down and laughed - the psychology behind this place is really quite something, and had obviously got the better of us. I decided there and then that I'd have to make another visit to this place, with a more prepared mind and proper permission from it's owner. I really felt like I was trespassing!

Sat before the entrance, I fixed my gaze on it's depths and struggled to see far into the passage at all - the darkness has to be seen to be believed. Life teemed all around the mouth of this 'cave', bees and butterflies fluttered round the bluebells growing on it's banks. Up above in the trees was the noisiest display of ravens I've ever heard. It was pretty easy to start to imagine this was all part of the magick of this site.

This is a real class site, and has made me totally reassess not only fogous, but my entire psychological relationship with all sacred sites. Fantastic.
IronMan Posted by IronMan
11th May 2003ce
Edited 14th May 2003ce

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