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Faskally - Pitlochry

Stone Circle


I knew nothing of this stone circle, only where it is on the map, and seeing as it was only 25 miles from our hotel, I didn't have to think long on what to do in the evening.
I didn't see the stone circle immediately, we parked down the road and walked the dogs back up to where the stones are, it was now that I saw they were in someones front garden. After a bit of a groan it was apparent that to get a closer look we'd have to ask for permission. Not something I usually relish doing, but the man at the door at the house next to the stones said it was OK so we entered the neatly manicured garden.
The stones are a bit of a muddle, ive only just read the other field notes and discovered that it is a four poster with added stones, rascally stone adders. The big stone seems unnaturally split, into three, from top to bottom, with perfect right angles. It was after a dozen photos or so that next door let his golden retrievers out who naturally started barking at my two Jack Russell's, who started barking back. We retreated and sat on a log to calm them down, it was now that an old man came over and gave us a stern look and said "Its not a free for all you know"
"Pardon" I replied
"A bit cheeky just coming in and making such a ruckus" he said
I told him we asked permission from the house, it was then that he told me they are just here on holiday. Oh, I see, your the home owner ?
I asked.
He answered in the affirmative, the dogs still wouldn't shut up so we walked them back to the car, and then went back. Even though it wasn't my dogs that started it I apologised for the noise, but he definitely had the hump now. I tried to change the subject and asked him about the split stone, he ignored my question and asked where I was from, I told him we were from Cheshire, I asked where he was from, seeing as he was clearly English, but that was the second question he ignored. He asked if I knew anything about the stones, I told him I did, he asked their age, I told him between 3 and 4 thousand years, he replied 3 and a half, like my answer was wrong, but I could see in his face that he didn't like the fact that I was right.
Then he said he'd allowed hundreds of people to see the stones but in all his years he'd never seen such audacity, I told him I don't feel very audacious, I could feel my anger begin to rise, but I am always in control so I took a few more pictures just as the holidayers came out to play frisbee, we were just on our way out when he chucked us out, "that's enough photos now I think "
Okay, I thanked him again and said i'm very sorry for any inconvenience.
With that we left, I took a couple of pics from the road and we were gone, there's another stone circle down the road, perhaps that one will be more amenable to the weary traveler.

After I got home I saw the other field notes that all say he is a decent chap, but that isn't how I saw him, more like he bought his ideas of possession with him, and to get on his good side you have to be a bit of a kiss ass, and not have any dogs with you. Honestly if I was working for Historic Scotland or someone with a bit of power I'd take the site off him, cut his garden in two so anyone anytime can go see a very interesting stone circle with out having to feel like a schmuck'
I know it's not his real name but for me it will always be Miserable B'stard.
postman Posted by postman
25th July 2013ce
Edited 25th July 2013ce

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Some English homeowners in Scotland seem to be a bit funny, the only person who's ever been funny with us in Scotland about access was also English (at Backhill of Drachlaw). Never mind, you got some nice pics and no-one can take away the visit from you now. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
25th July 2013ce
Do English people always have to make arses of themselves.
It certainly left a bitter after taste, but it didn't keep me awake that night, best nights sleep in ages.
postman Posted by postman
25th July 2013ce
Don't worry there was a Scottish arse last week at Alrick. Not me the owner :-) drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
3rd August 2013ce
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