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Crossfoot Farm

Standing Stone / Menhir


‘Visited’ 1.4.12

After spending an enjoyable couple of hours looking around the famous Hay-On-Wye bookshops (and purchasing 5 O/S maps for a total of £3.50!!) it was time for a bit of ‘old stoning’ – at least that was the plan. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the stone.

Taking the minor road north out of Clyro we soon came to the concrete drive which leads to Crossfoot Farm. My O/S map showed this is roughly where the stone is but did not give an exact location

We parked here and I walked down the drive looked in the fields either side for a glimpse of the stone. At this point I encountered a rambler and asked her if she had by any chance spotted a 6ft high standing stone on her travels?
She at first looked at me a bit strange but when I showed her the map she seemed quite interested. She said she hadn’t seen anything but would keep an eye out and give me a ‘shout’ if she did see it – unfortunately no such ‘shout’ was heard.

I walked right down the drive and back up the other side, jumping up onto the high verges for a better look. A dog barked at me in the distance. In the end I gave up.
Posted by CARL
2nd April 2012ce

Comments (7)

Interesting. We reached Hay on our Offa's Dyke walk the weekend before last - the stone is quite near to the path but we were very tired (and had slowed to a practical standstill by then) so I didn't divert. Had intended to go back before long to have a look. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
2nd April 2012ce
In relation to first comment, I am surprised the stone couldn’t be found. With a grid reference, it should be pretty easy To locate, and in fact, can b seen from the road.
With reference to the second comment, the Stone is a fair way from Offas Dyke Path, at least half a mile.
Posted by Ivan Monckton
6th November 2020ce
Ivan... would point out Carl has posted 1,861 field notes. Now there's a challenge. GLADMAN Posted by GLADMAN
7th November 2020ce
Interesting, flicking onto Bing maps using the MA link to Crossfoot Farm Standing Stone puts it on the left hand side of the road looking North, whereas google streetview, as far as I can assume it is the standing stone, puts it on the left looking North and in the middle of a field not alongside the farm path. OS maps also show it on the left looing North (assuming it is the stone that looks so prominent on google street view). Posted by costaexpress
7th November 2020ce
Edit (senior moment) Using MA coordinates puts it on the right hand side of the road looking North, best I get someone to check before I post! Posted by costaexpress
7th November 2020ce
I'd say the general issue is true positions don't always reflect official co-ordinates given.... let alone where depicted upon the map (no criticism of OS, by the way - whenever I look at our mapping I'm in awe of what those people do). Recent case example over on Megalithic Portal where a chap tried to find a cist upon Esgair Irfon, Mid Wales... reckons he confirmed exact location with two GPS devices and found nothing. I went with 'just' map/compass some years back and found it easily enough. Assumption is the coordinates given are incorrect. GLADMAN Posted by GLADMAN
7th November 2020ce
In relation to the distance from Offa's Dyke Path, it's close enough for a detour but not for us that day on a long section. Half a mile off route (so a mile there and back) is something we did plenty of other times while walking the path to go and visit sites. I wasn't suggesting it was right next to it! Not really sure why it warranted your comment to be honest, but there it is. Nice to see some pictures of it anyway. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
7th November 2020ce
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