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Long Cairn


With the 'Crutches On Ice' show in full swing I ventured to the Midmill Cairn and what a comical I sight I must have looked. Then again I'd resigned myself to the loony bin a long time ago.

Midmill Industrial Estate is on the south eastern outskirts of Kintore. If taking a car drive follow the signposts and drive to end of the marked road. Park in the overspill car park. The cairn is clearly visible being quite near a warehouse. From the car park it is a short walk of about 400 meters. The image on Canmore shows how this area has changed, Kintore has expanded massively and the industrial estate didn't exist.

Originally the cairn stood at 65 meters, aligned ESE-WNW, in length but after extensive quarrying it now stands at 27 meters long, 20 meters wide and 31/2 meters high being made from earth and boulders. It is now mainly grass covered. A cist, which once could be seen, has been covered in field clearance. Possibly one kerb remains and another stone, 11/2 meters in length, might have stood.

Damage of a more recent nature has also unfortunately taken place. Some idiot on a quad bike has raced up and down the western flank damaging plant life as well as the cairn. Tuach Hill, home to a stone circle, is less than 1/2 mile away to the east.

After that it was back to the car with a couple of workmen having a good laugh at my expense. Thankfully no photos of me!

Visited 14/1/2010.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
15th January 2010ce
Edited 16th January 2010ce

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The TMA award for Stone Obsession Demonstrated Despite Injury is clearly going to be yours this year Drew. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
15th January 2010ce
Cheers Sweetcheat the year has a long way to go, the contraptions the docs have put round my left knee and ankle looks like a meccano set gone mad but they did say do some short walks. Thankfully that site wasn't to far, I'd found a spare hour and it's been nagging me for years. drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
15th January 2010ce
Ouch! Sorry to hear that you are so stoically struggling ... is it bad manners to ask what happened.

tjj Posted by tjj
16th January 2010ce
Looking for the Janetstown, near Keith, cairn and fell thru the iced snow into a bog/stream. Twisted the left knee, and when trying to stand up did the left ankle both of which resembled a fitba. Slightly ironic!. Carried down the hill by the Mad Man and his pal Kev G, who then drove me to the A. R. I., they patched me up and then put on 'caliper/meccano' type things with the aid of crutches/strapping. Ten days on the swelling has largely gone, no real damage according to the docs this morning, but the bruising.....crikey! But I feel Ok. More checks next week.

Thanks June, I signed the petition for Coates, and I know of several others who did also.

drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
16th January 2010ce
Bloody hell Drew! I guess you must be grateful you were not on your own. This was the possible scenario I pictured when reading Postman's recent blog; also I know Megadread went wild camping in the snow on Kinder Scout. He had all the right clothes and said he didn't feel cold but ... I was very glad to see him log on.

I wish you a speedy recovery and some effective physiotherapy. Thanks for signing the Save Coate petition - the people who run the campaign have worked so very hard I think they were on the point of giving up.
best wishes
tjj Posted by tjj
16th January 2010ce
Cheers June, thank you. Yup the MM and Kev are good guys as are Postman and Megadread. I enjoy reading their adventures as I do yours! drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
17th January 2010ce
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