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The following is a list of town-land names that I have translated from the map (in 'images') above. In order to keep clutter on the (small-scale) picture to a minimum, I have only inscribed those town-lands that contain megalithic remains. For this same reason I have omitted two standing stones from the sketches in Coolnaconarty. The topographical names appear in bold print on the map and are listed in the second section.


Reavouler; Baldir's Plain; Standing Stone
Killinga; Church of the (Finger) Nail; Standing Stone (Possible Stone Pair)
Curraghnaloughra; Moor of the Rushes; Standing Stone
Garryglass; Green Moor; Stone Circle
Tullig; Gentle Hill; Standing Stone
Reanascreena; Plain of the Shrine; Stone Circle
Milleenagun; Hillock of the Hounds; Standing Stone, Wedge Tomb
Lettergorman; Gorman's Hillside; Standing Stone, Four-Poster, Stone Circle
Knockawaddra; Hill of the Dog; Stone Pair, Stone Row
Maulatanvally; Hillock of the Old Town; Anomalous Stone Group, Stone Circle
Glanbrack; Speckled Glen; Anomalous Stone Pair, Stone Circle
Carrigagrenane; Rock of the Sun; Two Stone Circles
Sarue; (In this case; the Blind) Stream; Stone Pair
Inchinattin; Meadow of the Furze; Standing Stone
Coolnaconarty; Corner of the Hounds; Five Standing Stones (inc. Possible Anomalous Stone Pair)
Knocks; Hills; Standing Stone (Possible Stone Pair), Stone Pair (Possible Stone Row), Two Stone Circles
Derreen; Oak Grove; Standing Stone
Caherkirky; Fort of the Moors; Standing Stone, Two Boulder Burials
Knockatlowig; Hill of the Host (of People); Stone Row
Ahagilla; Field of the Standing Stones; Stone Circle
Coolcraheen; Crahen's Corner; Standing Stone

The area included is approximately 14km from east to west and 9km north to south; the western Argideen river-valley, the hills around Carrigfadda and "a remarkable concentration of recumbent stone circles, Five-Stone rings and Four Posters."* The relevant name-translations are based on information provided at, with the exception of the following; Reavouler, Garryglass, Reanascreena, Carrigagrenane, Sarue, Caherkirky, Knockatlowig, and Ahagilla.**

*Burl, "A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany", 2005; 227.

**Reavouler; "Mowler's Plain" in The 'v' sound in the name and the presence of a 'd' in the earliest examples (Revaldir etc.) inclined me instead towards the use of Baldir or Balder, similar to the translation of Carhoovauler in the same resource; "Boulder's Quarter".
Garryglass; "Green Garden" in Although this is a perfectly valid translation, with precedent elsewhere in the country, the local pronunciation of the name and the type of landscape, have inclined me towards "curry" (marsh/moor), rather than "garry".
Reanascreena; Not translated in; "Ring of the Shrine" in Burl (2005); According to P.W. Joyce "Reidh" is a coarse mountain flat (plain), which makes sense in the context of this town-land's location.
Carrigagrenane; "Rock of the Bower/Arbor" in; "Rock of the House of the Sun" in Burl (2005); Local pronunciation drops the final syllable of the town-land's name and the area is referred to by the older generation, in English, as "Sunny Rock". At the risk of being romantic, I followed this convention.
Sarue; "Overpowering, Profaning" in According to Joyce "Sruth" is a stream.
Caherkirky; "The Hen's Stone Fort" in "Corcach" meaning marsh or moor seems more plausible than "Cearc" as a basis for "Kirky", yet the pronunciation of that term, as evidenced in other local names, is not exactly like that found here. Not sure about this one.
Knockatlowig; Not translated in According to Joyce "Sluagh" is a host or great grouping of people.
Ahagilla; Not translated in According to Joyce "Achadh" is a field and "Gall" a standing stone, or foreigner.


An tAirgidin; Silver River
Carrigfadda; The Long Rock
Loch Atarriff; Lake of the Bull
Glashagleragh; Noisy Stream
Clashatarriff; Furrow of the Bull
Blind Stream
Corran Lake; Lake of the Cairn
Curraghalicky Lake; Lake of the Flagstone Moor
An tSaobhnósach; River of False Custom
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