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Moor Divock


I can't help but wonder if the following description of a stone by John Hodgson might be somehow connected with Fitz's cup marked stone:

In passing over Moor-Duvvoch in 1800 I had observed a stone which I then supposed had some characters upon it with which I was unacquainted. In walking from Askham to Pooleybridge on 3 May, 1811, in company with the Rev. John Collinson, rector of Gateshead, and the late Mr. Matthew Atkinson, I was anxious to have a second sight of it, but sought it in vain...

...I did not, in this search, forget to look for the stone that attracted my attention in 1800, and reached it soon, when I found it to be a large detached mass of grauwacke, shewing its conglomerate origin in several rings and segments of circles eaten by the weather into its surface as sharply as if they had. been cut with a sculptor's chisel; and thus the long-encouraged vision of a Saxon or Latin inscription in Runic, or some other antique characters, vanished in a moment. This stone is upon the side of an old road or cast a little south of the south end of Lord Lonsdale's fir plantations on Moor-Duvvoch.
The Rev H seems to be describing inscribed circles. Bear in mind he was writing a decade before the first recognition of Cup and ring marks as ancient artifacts.

Maybe there is hidden Rock Art out there on Moor Divock.
Hob Posted by Hob
31st March 2008ce
Edited 31st March 2008ce

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Check out Stan Beckensall's excellent (Tempus 2002) - there's a whole section on rock art on Moor Divock - 'Prehistoric Rock Art in Cumbria' specifically a site which Beckensall calls 'The Moor Divock Ring Cairn' (grid ref. NY 49402196 - Beckensall, 2002 - pages 101-4) - excavated by Simpson and Greenwell in the 19th century ce. A more recent publication - 'Prehistoric Monuments of the Lake District' - by Tom Clare (Tempus 2007) refers to this site as 'Site V' (Clare, 2007, pages 73-5) and gives it grid ref. NY 49312219. So which is it? Also - Tom Clare doesn't mention the rock art ! Posted by mick l dore
28th August 2008ce
mick l dore wrote:

"...'Site V'...So which is it?..."

Search on this site for "Moor Divock V" and you get:
baza Posted by baza
29th August 2008ce
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