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Carnac to Orkney the green way

Carnac to Orkney -

I love our little patch of intrigue and wonder
As I wonder the lost connection with our ancestry
I see history in the geography of this land and beyond
And I respect my 5 (or 6) senses which aide me to see

I am grateful to the transport which takes me there
And the clean air which I sometimes breath
I appreciate the night lights which guides me there
And the twinkling stars - light pollution prevents me to see

I watch the moon. (and feel the sun).
I love love.. but rarely use it
Life is so precious.. I know its a pun
but I really too often seriously abuse it.

But from Carnac to Orkney
In The Britains green Lands
10 Thousand years of history
Buried in times shifting sand


A wierdo tag
Attached to a period of history by who-knows.. probably freaks and sheep.
A mention of a druid
A sly glance to the right , with a wry smile
Go on Prod it with a stick, see if it moves
A truth lies beneath which I was not taught at school.

And I know its fanciful to say
But the truth is not too far away...

...After the great ice sheet retreat
Small farms growing wheat
Baking flour to bread from the ears
Concocting and brewing their beers,
Nice clothes, jewellery, industry
Fucking industry, piles of axe heads from the highest points
And flints in Norfolk from the lowest.
Elaborate tombs, Weird rock art, carvings made in another epoch
cup marks, circles and spirals
Arrow heads, hair combs, tooth picks.
Carved balls, godess statuettes,

Villages, running water, and toilets?
Yes toilets of which there is evident to suggest

An unfamiliar attraction to death
A tomb, a central fire - unburnt hazel,
A sea food soup.
A construction of marvel
Dog bones, eagle bones, horse bones.
Bits of bodies, a right thigh, a childs inner spiral ear


Stone and timber circles
Henges and causeways
long barrows, sutterains, fogels and stone rows

All places I go at the weekend
Sometimes on my own
Or sometimes (not so often now) with a friend.
Just to glimpse the old ways which once exhisted
Before the post roman present now so bitterly twisted.
So thanks Mr Cope for you have bought me thus far
Not bad for a "forward thinking mofo with an electric guitar"


Barbarians - Origins Greek -
meaning - A foreign speaking person (to bah bah)

Savage - Origins Greek -
meaning - A person that works the land a farmer

broen Posted by broen
10th August 2006ce
Edited 19th August 2006ce

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