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Mick Aston quits time team...

I'm sure most of you have read about this...
TheStandingStone Posted by TheStandingStone
8th February 2012ce

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I'm not surprised. Watching the latest series, before hearing about Mick Aston's departure, I couldn't help feeling that the information to noise ratio was getting rather low. Shame. Time team used to be really worth watching. (And I once stood next to that Phil Harding at the bar of the Hop Back brewery pub in Salisbury). Posted by Woodspirit
8th February 2012ce
Bad luck Mick. I was going off this race to dig prime sites against the clock anyway. The prostitution of personalities for entertainment v the archaeology started a while back so Mick should have quit earlier to claim ethical high ground, imho. Looking forward to see a prettier version of Alice Roberts on my HD set while despairing of the low opinion media folks have of the general public. I wonder whether they will make her wear tight shorts or shoot down the cleavage of a skimpy tee-shirt while doing her scraping - more visual interest than Mick's beard probably, although I won't be staying up late to watch. Posted by greybeard
8th February 2012ce
As mentioned in the forum discussion, Mary-Ann Ochota has a Master's degree in archaeology and anthropology obtained from Cambridge. Why is no one mentioning that .. she can only be an asset to the show. Mick Aston is entitled to leave in high dudgeon if he wishes - lots of people leave their jobs because they don't like the new management. Hopefully they go on to better things.

tjj Posted by tjj
8th February 2012ce
I guess the world will keep turning, but fair play to Mick.... he did his bit for public awareness. Not only regarding fashionable jumpers, but archaeaology, too! Time Team was always going to be a compromise... hence clueless 'Baldrick' as presenter to bring in the punters. However one could actually argue, in exposure terms, the choice was inspired, leading the viewer to believe 'this guy know's absolutely nothing, so guess it matters not that I'm likewise'. GLADMAN Posted by GLADMAN
8th February 2012ce
Mary-Ann has quit too. She said the show was not working out as she had expected. Posted by greybeard
9th February 2012ce
I'm sorry to hear that. Mick was a rational voice, which is why he was in charge. It's a sad day for TV archaeology. Love it or hate it, Time Team has made archaeology popular.

I've been surprised by how many of my previously disinterested friends are now hooked on the programme, and their children more so. It seems to me that archaeology has become a bit more hip with the young, which can't be a bad thing if it gets more people thinking about taking it up as a career.

It's like anything in today's world, you can't do anything without someone moaning about it. One minute people moan about no archaeology on telly, the next thing they're moaning (more like looking down their self-obsessed superior noses) about the best archaeological series that has ever been on the moron magnet.

Criticise all you want, I'll stick by Time Team.
The Eternal Posted by The Eternal
10th February 2012ce
Well as Goff put the following link on a long discussion thread, will put it here as well for posterity. Mike Pitts gathering together of the news on the resignation of Mick Aston.
moss Posted by moss
10th February 2012ce
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