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Stonehenge and its Environs
Re: Stonehenge Tunnel Decision
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ironstone wrote:
Forgive me if this comes across as incredibly naive but it seems to me that we have finally (after 40/50 years or more of debate etc) arrived at the least worst option for resolving/addressing all of the myriad issues surrounding the need to improve traffic flow around Stonehenge without desecrating the site. No scheme was ever going to please everyone and unless I've missed something, I haven't seen one that is so much 'better' than this that we should go on debating it for another 40/50 years. As someone for whom driving on that section of the A303 is, has been and will continue to be an inescapable part of my life I think it's time finally to say 'ok, let's do it', to accept the result and move on. I know that view will be unacceptable to many who use this site but what's the real (as opposed to ideal) alternative?

Hi, thank you for your polite and reasonable response - which deserves a reply. As far as this forum is concerned I am unqualified to express a point of view really, as I don't own a car and am rarely travelling on the A303. Nor do I use/visit Stonehenge on a regular basis such as at the Solstices or other times (I live in north Wiltshire). I have often said here and other places that I made a conscious decision some years ago not to own a car or hold a driving licence as my own small contribution in turning the tide of climate change. This decision has to some extent governed where I live (given it needs to near transport links) and has certainly come back to bite me in these coronavirus times when taking a train or bus is something that has to be planned in advance.
Going back to the situation at Stonehenge, not just any road but a tunnel road that will have a massive impact on the Stonehenge environment. You can slow down in your car, allow yourself more time, listen to some music or, heaven forfend, go a different route. Yes it may take longer. The Stonehenge environment along with its archaeology cannot be put back and will be lost to posterity when/if this scheme goes ahead. The Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps has signed the deal off - the National Trust and English Heritage are all for it - at a quick glance it sounds good but something about it just doesn't add up especially when you factor in the ever increasing costs - which will doubtless multiply. You would have to ask why, will it even benefit you Ironstone - I know nothing about you but would hazard a guess you might well be living a different life by the time this scheme comes to pass. If it does.

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Posted by tjj
16th November 2020ce

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