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Re: Monitoring the Staffordshire Hoard field Cometh the hour - Cometh The State.
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nigelswift wrote:
The helmet didn't fall through any regulatory net?!!!

It didn't fall under the Treasure Act, so didn't need to be reported, so first was hurriedly sent to London and "restored" to increase saleability, badly, thus destroying scientific evidence. Fall through a loophole it certainly did.

Incidentally, DID it come from Crosby Garrett at all? There is doubt. Search Crosby Garrett on Looting Matters.

See this incidentally https://lootingmatters.blogspo[...]bery-and-so-called-crosby.html

It fell through nothing.

It was found.

In the ground.

The English Law which might have had some relevance didn't apply to it.

It was sold to the highest bidder.

The Tollie House Museum didn't have enough money.

A rich person got it instead.

Personally I think the loss of the helmet into private hands was a pity as I love Roman stuff. Their repeated incursions, temporary occupations and regular attempts at democide and genocide in Scotland are an endless fascination to me. A Caledonian Bear and many Caledonian captives were some of the amusements at the opening of the Flavian Amphitheatre (Coliseum) in AD 80.

The Newstead helmet and masks are in NMS. Lovely.

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
1st September 2019ce

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