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Re: Monitoring the Staffordshire Hoard field Cometh the hour - Cometh The State.
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nigelswift wrote:
Well, in Scotland all good stuff has to be declared whereas in England and Wales only some does. Scotland seems to be more under the jackboot than the South.

BTW the Crosby Garrett Helmet fell through the regulatory net and so stayed in private hands, largely out of the gaze of the public and the scientists.

You pays yer money, cultural jackboot or cultural blinkers.

The Crosby Garret Helmet didn't fall through any regulatory net. The Tollie House Museum just couldn't afford to buy it. They didn't have enough money. A rich person did. That is the Free Market under which all are forced to live or exist.

As I pointed out... the Crown in Scotland is not a "constitutional monarchy" but holds "popular sovereignty". There is an applicable legal difference when it comes to "State" (ie. Crown Estate) claims on property (ie. relics found lying in the ground). It is that simple.

It is what returned the capstone of the cesspit from Scone Abbey to Scotland in 1996 after 800-odd years. I watched Jeffrey Epstein's friend and "youngster appreciator", Prince Andrew escort the capstone back up the Royal Mile to where it (nearly) came from. That was done after a very precise legal campaign dealing with the theft ("reset") of stolen goods ("the Stone of Destiny") levelled at Queen Elizabeth ("The Crown") and the "United Kingdom" (strangely singular). They didn't have a leg to stand on.

In Scotland there is a jackboot - but often we are wearing them. "Popular Sovereignty" means something constitutionally...

I am glad that was understood.

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
31st August 2019ce

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