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Re: Parking for Corffhouse and access in general.
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I'd seen this one pop up the other day too.

Lovats have been mired in their own slime for a long time. I recall that the last of the line kidnapped and forceably married the widow of his Uncle who had been Lord Lovat but had died without issue. This was in the late 17th Century. He was tried and sentenced to death for this heinous crime in 1715. By wondrous co-incidence that same year before sentence was carried out, he
used his influence over his clansmen in North East Scotland during ther 1715 Jacobite uprising, shopped some Jacobite sympathisers (who were hung, garrotted, beheaded etc). He was given a pardon for this "assistance" to the English Crown but still lost his title.
However as an old man he supported Bonnie Prince Charlie at the 1745 Jacobite uprising and was captured by the English and beheaded on Tower Hill. He was a very old man at the time and might have been one of the last public beheadings in Britain. Somehow his slimey descendants have managed to regain their title "Lord Lovat" and regain their lands and influence in the North East of Scotland.

I would suggest that the cu-rre-nt incumbent is trying to wriggle out of the "right to roam" legislation and the recent access code by suggesting that his estate is his garden and is thus entitled to take steps to thwart access. However, these moves seem very calculated and there is seldom smoke without fire... a quiet corner of Beauly... why? Why keep what will be a releatively tiny number of quiet walkers from his extensive acres, riverbanksm woodlands, hills and moors. I will stick my neck out and suggest there is development afoot and the minimally used access on his ground is being cleared by stealth.

Private Parkling Tickets? Police Scotland have said should be placed unopened into the bin or on a lit fire. They are unenforceable in Law and should be confined to the dustbin or a suitable eternal flame.

Anyone wishing to roam should do so responsibly within the Access Code ie. go where you wish, dont damage fences or disturb livestock, shooting etc. Anyone asking you to leave should be told that you are out for a walk under the right to roam and that you have no intention of staying after you have finished walking. Then walk on.

Do not engage with any aggressive person in any argument. Any aggression, touching or violence directed towards you from anyone while you are out for a walk should be met with extreme retaliatory force, acutely directed violence and unrelenting, merciless righteousness. History tells us it is the way to deal with bullies.

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Howburn Digger
Posted by Howburn Digger
15th May 2019ce

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