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Re: Reference to ley line 150 years before Watkins?
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Hi, have just read your blog. It is interesting to me as I live in this part of the world, a relatively short train journey from Bath - a beautiful and consistently fascinating city. I have Alfred Watkin's book 'The Old Straight Track' but haven't opened it for quite some time (just did in fact and it opened on the map of Radnor Vale and it's alignments with the churches in the area - mythologically speaking I know there is something about a protective dragon but that is a different post).
As you said in your blog "In 1922, Alfred Watkins postulated that ancient Britain had been criss-crossed by a network of ‘ley lines’ – alignments of beacons, places of worship, and stone markers that ran in a ‘line-of-sight’. In Watkins’s view, these trackways were used by people to navigate across the land, possibly as trade routes [1]. Think of this network like a Neolithic Global Positioning System (GPS), which allowed people to situate themselves in the landscape. There was nothing at all mystical about Watkins’s theory.

Watkins believed in 'sight lines' - there are many examples of this where there is an ancient landscape (thinking of Windmill Hill, Silbury, WKLB, Harestone Down) and have often pondered on how important seeing in a straight line must have been in past times when things such as a GPS would have been outside everyone's comprehension. While pondering the penny drops that if you take a circle, any circle (Stonehenge, Avebury, the Bath Circus) you can align it in any direction.
Where I hit a stumbling block is when the discourse turns to ley lines as a spiritual/land energy concept. Like religion, you either believe or you don't. I had my 'road to Damascus in reverse' many years ago.
Good luck with your well written, interesting blog.

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Posted by tjj
28th August 2018ce

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