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Re: Studies Suggests Neolithic Britons Killed Off By Bubonic Plague
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I agree with mush has already been said.

This topic is interesting:

There has been a very biased reporting of parts of the data.

In fact MODERN populations in Britain and northern Europe frequently show a MIX of 'northern hunter-gatherer' - 'early-iberian farmer' - ' yamana-steppe/beaker'

The 'total replacements' people keep talking about in terms of spatial and chronologically limited time periods is not really supported by the genetic make-up of the CURRENT population.

This is ongoing, but I suspect 'total replacement' (at best) is relevant to mainly groups in prestigious/elite barrow monuments, which dominate the sources of mortuary evidence in the Neolithic/Bronze Age period.

It is worth bearing in mind that we have no solid answers in UK archaeology for 'Where All The Bodies Went ' - ie we suspect the vast majority of bodies (ie from the dominant 'non-elite' population) were dealt with in practices dissimilar to barrows, and which anyhow leave no archaeological trace (and thus no DNA sample point ).

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Posted by CR
12th March 2018ce

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