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Re: Detectorists Petition
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Locodogz wrote:
Wow - you two really could start an argument in an empty room!!!

I'll try to answer the question "by how much it would have to be "wrong" to make the figures acceptable.", if I may?

Unless they're out by 100% it implies the action is still taking place and - as we've all agreed - the action is 'unacceptable. So your answer there is 100%.

HOWEVER Roy hasn't ever said the action is 'acceptable' and has only suggested that the projected number may be "grossly exaggerated".

(Plucking a number from thin air) I'd suggest that is the number is out by 25% or more that may constitute 'grossly exaggerated' - feel free to bicker over this though as it's only one view!!!!

Hi Locodogz

ANY amount of theft of our heritage is unacceptable to me whether it be one single item or Nigel's cupboard full.

If Joe Bloggs and his mates were to come up with the figures Nigel's 'experts' come up with, they would be asked how they came up with the figures they did? Unless every single detectorist was observed lifting the goodies and doing a runner, they would be laughed out of the room coming up with any % at all as it would be total guesswork. Am I the only person who can see that?

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Posted by Sanctuary
6th February 2018ce

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