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Re: Delusion, hope or a lie?
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nigelswift wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
you are the first one here to accept the fact that none of us REALLY know what the outcome is going to be.

Not true. None of us knows what the outcome is going to be but most of us are aware that the only uncertainty is about whether we're going to be worse off or far worse off.

So you speak for ‘most’ of us again do you. I can equally respond by saying that most of us are looking forward to a bright future but I’m not so up myself to make such a claim.

The ‘whether we’re going to be worse off or far worse of’ are the words of a person genetically pre-disposed to being a pessimist and hell bent on forcing his beliefs onto everyone else.
You do this on whatever forum you are on and whatever the subject matter. You have gone out of your way to belittle and humiliate others because they have the audacity to have a different opinion to you and don’t stop until they have been removed from that forum or given up the will to live and left. You simply can’t abide having people disagree with you whether it is here or on your journal that you keep advertising on these forums and don’t publish their comments unless they are to your advantage.

Striking a balance is abhorrent to you - it has to be your word or nothing.

You lost out on the referendum – lost out on the election – lost out three more times when Corbyn and his motley crew failed in their attempt at derailing the government that you detest so much. Life must be a real bitch for you at the moment. Heaven for me though, how unfair is that – what a blow that must be.

Keep on smiling…you do it so well ?

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Posted by Sanctuary
8th July 2017ce

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