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Re: John Michell lecture
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As I thought. So predictable George. You are given a day and time for this challenge of yours to take place, and instead of accepting you blow more smoke out of your arse and pretend it's me whose avoiding this. I accepted your challenge 6 days ago, but you haven't responded with anything but bullshit ever since. How much slimier can you get.
This is what you wanted isn't it ? You can actually do this calculation in an hour can't you, given the grid reference, or is there a problem there too?

It's quite simple, honour your bet. You set it, now stop hiding. If you are scared of your best guess being scrutinised I can accept that. How the audience will view your increasingly desperate efforts to get away from revealing this magic formula is beyond me, especially if it's so freely available on line anyway, but that's for others to judge. I just think you have something to hide.

So here it is again.

At midday today, if you agree to accept this, I will post a grid reference. You have one hour to come back with an answer. If you don't want to show your workings that's fine, complete nonsense, but fine. Just post your answer, within one hour. If you can't do it by then I will denounce you as the fraud you are.
You've been rumbled George. Prove me wrong, if you dare.

I'm supremely confident you will try once again to squirm your way out of this one, just like you've been doing for the past week. It will be amusing to see what bullshit you come up with this time.

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Posted by cerrig
19th May 2016ce

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