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Re: Stonehenge is second hand
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This has been a very interesting discussion which I've dipped in and out to read. I always hesitate to comment on discussions about Stonehenge because new theories come along on what seems like an annual basis. What is completely acceptable about this one is that the bluestone quarries have been identified.

I found this quote from the Mike Pitts link (thanks Moss) quite exciting ...
"The special formation of the rock, which forms natural pillars at these outcrops, allowed the prehistoric quarry-workers to detach each megalith (standing stone) with a minimum of effort. “They only had to insert wooden wedges into the cracks between the pillars and then let the Welsh rain do the rest by swelling the wood to ease each pillar off the rock face” said Dr Josh Pollard (University of Southampton). “The quarry-workers then lowered the thin pillars onto platforms of earth and stone, a sort of ‘loading bay’ from where the huge stones could be dragged away along trackways leading out of each quarry.”

So the mystery, if there is one, is where were the bluestones for up to 500 years. I don't suppose we will ever know whether their journey towards south Wiltshire was a long and arduous one with breaks between generations of people. Perhaps there was a slave culture which was interrupted through conflict - its hard to believe there was ever a time when there actually peace among humankind.
I doubt whether it can ever be proved the stones once stood as a separate Welsh monument first but that doesn't make it impossible .... and the idea does conjure up an impressive image.

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Posted by tjj
9th December 2015ce

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