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Silbury Hill
Re: Silbury Hill trespassers
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Nobody doubts that lots of people climbing up in bad weather will cause some damage, but while they've got foot stools to get you over the fence [if they want to keep people out even evil razor wire won't stop someone if they really want to go up] and if they allow "certain" people up [terry], others will always feel that this is very unfair, and at the end of the day it's a clear case of archaeologist's trying to blame peoples feet for the damage "they've" done, I was there the other week and you can clearly see the waden hill side is caving in, it's lower everytime i see it, even though it's supposedly all filled in, I think we may soon see a big cave in [i really hope not], and i tell you the 'spectacular' damage hasn't been caused by peoples feet but by all the digging from those destroying archaeologist's over the years with all there bigger and bigger holes, this is a clear case of those idiots [archaeologist's] trying to shift the blame, and like evergreen said is it worth opening this can of worms? so soon after we've all given our opinions and it's still fresh in peoples minds and if you felt the need why not bring the old thread back so that everyone's opinion would be there for all to see.

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Posted by bladup
7th January 2013ce

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