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The problem with academics...
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Have you ever met one of those people who contradict what you say just for the sake of it? To prove their own imagined intellectual superiority? Of course, we all have, we are surrounded by such people, they occupy every walk of life, and have an unpleasant habit of occupying positions of authority.
When the orthodoxies of the time are challenged, those who do so are referred to as cranks or anarchists. No attempt is made to engage or examine the evidence, instead the reaction is one of ridicule and contempt. A subject can be dismissed by the simple expedient of refusing to look.
Were such attitudes prevalent in the business sphere, instant dismissal would result, but in the world of academia, it is the norm. The people at the top have one goal, and that is to stay there, unchallenged. The rest of us must remain silent, compliant and unquestioning. For all their qualifications, these people can be remarkably dumb.
Once commited however, there is no turning back, for to do so would invite ridicule. Even when the evidence is staring them in the face, they persist in their ludicrous stance, Cnut like, no anagram intended.
So when a kid from a council estate near Dudley, who went from school into a factory aged 16 comes along, and points something out that has been under their noses for their entire careers, well, it makes them look stupid. Suddenly, all the degrees, phd's, the doctorates, become meaningless, and a deafening silence descends. It is the silence of ignorance, the sole purpose of which is to suppress that most valuable of gifts. Knowledge.
Unfortunately the academics have a regular habit of getting things wrong. One told me a few years ago on seeing this, and I quote "Dont push this any further...and don't expect archaeologists to come down here and help you. They never have and never will." It is one thing to disagree, but to actively suppress is another matter entirely.
So lads and lasses, thats the academics for you. Occupation of the ivory tower is the only thing that matters. Once on the greasy career pole they lose all sight of why they got onto it in the first place. As for the rest of us? What could we possibly know?
Remember this. Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

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Posted by rockhopper
31st January 2012ce

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