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Re: A History of Ancient Britain
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I got a bit sick of them rehashing the same old tired crap though. and what was that boat bit all about? so it is possible to make a sail from sticks and skins - do they have any evidence of such a construction? and if they do, what did it have to do with groove ware pottery?

and not ONCE (at least while I was paying attention) did they mention that the alignments etc might have been simply agricultural calenders, every mention of astronomy went hand in hand with some "cosmological" magical inference. with no evidence.

I hate the way these progs make out they are presenting some wildy exciting new theory which finally explains everything, when in fact half the things they mention are old ideas which don't bear close inspection. might as well be saying the circles were built by aliens.

OK, I know I'm being a bit harsh, but really, they should know a bit better by now.

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Squid Tempest
Posted by Squid Tempest
23rd February 2011ce

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