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Re: Trefael..more may and maybe's
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tjj wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
George Nash wrote:
Hi Roy,
The report should be ready soon and will send you over a PDF copy. Concerning your colleague’s scepticism, a prominent barrow cemetery does stand around 2.5 km to the north but they don't have to be in direct view with Trefael. It could be the case that during the Bronze Age, Trefael and other standing stones (associated with the barrows/cairns) interacted with each other and only the nearest standing stone to the barrow cemetery was intervisible (see Children & Nash 2001 [research in Breconshire]). I will say that your mate Tiompan is a tad curt with his responses. When dealing with archaeology, there are number of approaches one can make. The first and most useful is the report which is usually very flat, banal but informative. However, we are dealing with people but many archaeologists still focus on artefacts. In prehistory, ‘if we don’t have a go’, the subject is dehumanised flat and...guess what...banal. To play safe, I will still use 'maybe'. Like I said earlier, you should have been there. We will be probably excavating/investigating here in June/July 2011 and you are of course welcome to come along and have a look. GHN

Thank you kindly George I look forward to receiving it. I don't know the site personally just picking up the report as I was browsing. Yes I would like to come along and have a look come next year. Maybe you would be kind enough to keep me in the picture.
In defence of tiompan (another George) I would say that I'm sure he never meant to come across as being curt as I have always found him to be very courteous but like myself and of course yourself, he is very focused and takes things seriously and makes no claims unless 100% satisfied he can confirm things. And I'm delighted to hear that you are always prepared to 'have a go' so that the subject matter is kept alive as by doing so it stays so much more interesting and leaves things somewhat open for others to also consider.

Thanks Roy , I hope I kept to the point and was more no more curt than GHN was supercillious in his "banter " ,"probably not aware " ( which was wrong , shown why and uneccessary ) and "right to challenge " (gee thanks , what do you expect and how about some answers then ?) comments . Apart from mentioning to you the fact that the cemetery is the unsighted one , it looks like I'm not getting a reply to any of the problems raised .

This has been a very interesting discussion on every level. Tiompan, you never fail to answer questions in a straight forward, grounded and always courteous manner and its true to say you are both highly respected and much liked on this forum. I did think George N was slightly sarcastic but having two city dwelling sons who used sarcasm to get themselves out of all sorts of scrapes its a verbal skill I quite admire (when its not directed at me of course).
I've come across George Nash's work previously via this superb website - which is also on Facebook.

The first mention ? on this site .


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Posted by tiompan
7th December 2010ce

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