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Maybe a longbarrow
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There has been a lot of fascinating discussion about a 'red' moon date at WKLB and of course the orientation of Cotswold long barrows in the region.
The fact that Stanton Drew Cove is now being seen as a possible long barrow, and that the hidden part of it goes some way under the church yard, raises the possibility of another alignment ;) the north-east line that goes through the large centre circle at Stanton Drew(and maybe the timber one) to the NE smaller circle, sure Burl mentioned Lockyer doing something about it.
The other thing of note is that this presumed long barrow is being likened to Stoney Littleton as well, which is aligned towards a ridge (and maybe a notch on the ridge) and the midwinter sunrise; there are in fact many other badly damaged long barrows in the area (Frome Valley).
Jodie Lewis in the Neolithic Monuments of Northern Somerset mentions about 20.
Their orientations are diverse; 6 - SE/NW, 5 - E/W and the rest being various..... my sense of which way is north or south is pretty dire, and alignments, latitudes and longitudes is zilch but I would love to know how they took the first measurement to place a stone and then a funeral monument in a cosmic moment - there is magic in that ;)

edit.. forgot to say what prompted me on that it was the 'edge-alignment' discovered by Dymond, which is a midwinter sunset running from the edge of the cove, the other one mentioned is another edge alignment (southernmost moonset)from the southern small circle catching the edge of the large and NE circles - though I think the first 'circle' may not be a circle after all but something else....

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Posted by moss
13th January 2010ce

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Re: Maybe a longbarrow (tiompan)

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