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Re: How he loved the moon
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gjrk wrote:
Albert Ayler (Light in Darkness) ;)

WKLB is possible. The orientation is there and as you have pointed out, something of a pattern in the rest. I'd just be a bit uneasy,with the orientations below 90 degrees, about ignoring the possibility of an indication of the 'rising' sun. I don't know. How far does the sun has to rise before it has travelled 5 degrees south? On the other hand, the similar grouping on the opposite side (110ish) would seem to support the lunar theory.

That full moon is a striking object. Had a quick search last night and found this, presumably not untypical...

"Eclipses of the moon are quite often recorded. The annalists sometimes describe the phenomenon as "the moon turning to blood" and viewed it with foreboding. The aurora borealis was also recorded on a few occasion, and was likewise regarded as a bad omen...(goes on, examples of plague, famine, cannibalism etc.)"

Fergus Kelly; 'The beliefs and mythology of the early Irish, with special reference to the cosmos'; Proceedings of SEAC 98

He was some bloke old Albert , it all sounds so normal now .

" The sun also rises " to the south of 90 so no difference really .It takes abot 8 days for the sun to travel 5 degrees from rising positions or about 12 minutea around equinox to trsavel 5 degrees along the horizon .

When you consider how visual in every respect the orientation is ,a full red moon flowed by a 30 % chance of an eclipse ,compared with a major or minor standstill which are very rarely full moons often ocurring in daylight rarley seen at the maximum point etc the "equinoctial moon " could seem more of the lunar counterpart of a solstice ,but I'm wary of most of them anyway .Another I forgot to mention in relation to the WKLB alignment is that the moon sturn and mars were also in conjuction that night .

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Posted by tiompan
9th January 2010ce

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