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Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor - The Egg Stone
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(Have tried to do a search on TMA so not to repeat a topic, but Dad's machine is sooooo slow that I gave up, so do delete if this is very dull)

Been walking miles today around Glastonbury and surrounding areas with my lovely gorgeous friend Paul... anyway.. he took me up Glastonbury Tor this afternoon and took me to see The Egg Stone which is situated on the right hand side of the Tor (if you are facing the front) about half way down the mound. It's a huge 'egg shaped' piece of rock (sandstone???) in a tiny copse of hedges and in all my years of climbing the Tor I never knew it was there. Very stupidly I didn't have my camera with me (DOH!) so there are no photos of this stone. But am happy willing and able to go back up the Tor with Paul again in a couple of weeks time...

I don't know if this is a antiquarian stone, whether it was dumped there when the Tor was erected or not, but it was in a very odd place. Very quiet and very calm despite the Force 40 Gale whipping itself across the top today! :o) It had been unfortunately marked quite deeply with swastikas (grrrrrrrr) and other symbols/rune type etc which kinda spoiled it a wee bit. Paul told me that it was used for making wishes and that people often kissed the stone to say thanks, but suggested I didn't as he'd caught someone having a pee on it a few weeks back. (WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, waffle waffle waffle... does anyone know anything about it? IS it just a piece of dumped recent stone or is it some kinda ancient type thing?!! (sorry just keep smiling and can't think of technical words)

To be honest with you I've had such an amazingly wonderful day today in the sunshine with fab company you could tell me an Ostrich had laid it last Tuesday and I'd probably still smile and go 'OK' :o)

I want to come home to Somerset..... xxxxxxx

(I am sooooooooo flippin happy... sorry!!)

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Posted by Nat
7th May 2005ce

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