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  Forum conductTMA Ed101.08.10ce
How old are yew?113.09.05ce
Old Stone in York query113.09.05ce
early defended homestead topology ?111.06.05ce
Vitrified Forts12 bar1601.03.03ce
America's Stonehenge12 bar1708.06.02ce
Post number 10012 bar305.06.02ce
I found some rock markings!12pointer521.02.08ce
Theories on 'cup and ring marks'12pointer4029.03.08ce
Bosnian Pyramids12pointer228.05.08ce
Ancient sites in Chile?12pointer527.04.09ce
cool pagan-like poems appropriate for parents funeral4leafplanet1419.06.10ce
Selling some of my Danish Stone Age Artifacts!6point6625.03.09ce
Food for your EARS.........777208.08.03ce
Flinton Chalka23103.10.01ce
Megaliths in America!aaroneous1219.11.08ce
Christianity invented by Romans!aaroneous g1811.10.13ce
432hz Tuning and stone circlesaaroneous g925.12.13ce
Study suggests Stonhenge was a giant AMPLIFIERaaroneous g113.10.20ce
Megalithomania TourAbbie1417.04.02ce
Difference between 1998 and 2011 bookAbuSimbel409.08.12ce
Scottish ship graffitiadelphi527.01.05ce
Where's Captain KirkcaldyAdrian

Showing 1-25 of 6,272 Topics | Next 25