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Marlborough Mound (Artificial Mound)

New film about Marlborough Mound

This new 35-minute documentary explores the past, present and future of the Marlborough Mound. This film uncovers the history of the Mound, explaining its legacy to those unaware of its profound importance, and to those curious about the unknown.


IA gold coins and staters in West Berkshire Museum

A hoard of Iron Age coins from Sulhamstead dating back more than 2,000 years has been acquired by West Berkshire Museum.
The Sulhamstead hoard comprises eight gold coins – seven gold staters and one quarter stater – from the late Iron Age.
Staters were used by the Celtic tribes throughout the Iron Age, such as the Atrebates who inhabited Berkshire, Hampshire and West Sussex.
Indeed, the quarter stater is a rare coin particular to East Wiltshire and Berkshire.
The hoard was unearthed by a metal detectorist from Great Shefford between 2013 and 2015 and a coroner later ruled that the coins were treasure.

West Berkshire Museum

Holds the Crow Down Hoard found in Lambourn near the Ridgeway consisting of five gold objects - possibly arm adornments. And the Yattendon Hoard consisting of 58 bronze objects - not all on display.

Yattendon Hoard

The Yattendon Hoard consists of 58 bronze objects - some of which are available to see in West Berkshire Museum, Newbury.

The Ridgeway (Ancient Trackway)

The Crow Down Hoard

Can be seen in the West Berkshire Museum, Newbury


St Tredwell's Loch, Papay


Malmesbury, built on an Iron Age hill fort

Malmesbury, a Saxon town in north Wiltshire famous for its historic Abbey and it connection with the first king of all England, Athelstan. I was in the Athelstan Museum earlier today and was fascinated to learn Malmesbury is built on the site of an early Iron Age hill fort. Was looking at a 3D model of town in the museum and it is almost surrounded by two rivers. A town where prehistory becomes the history of England - life before the Normans. Also known as the "Queen of Hilltop Towns".

Beltany (Stone Circle)

Beltany Stone circle

"A Druidical temple somewhat resembling that at Stonehenge in size and structure…The place is called Baltony, a name not uncommon in some districts of Ireland. It is supposed to be a corruption of Baal tinné, the ‘fire of Baal,’ — intimating a spot where that Deity was particularly worshiped in Ireland…Among the rigid Presbyterians of the North, such remains of antiquity are lightly regarded because they are deemed remnants of superstition and idolatry, although some respect has been paid to them by its respected proprietors."

Mr. & Mrs. Hall, Ireland: Its Scenery, Character, etc., 18411

Anglesey (County)

Welsh History Month: A tale of two tombs ...

"The island of Anglesey has a personality all of its own. Sheltered in the lee of Snowdonia, it is the only area of fertile and accessible land in a region of high and barren mountains. It is, therefore, not surprising that settlers have been drawn to its shores from the dawn of history. And they have left us some of the most inspiring monuments in Wales."

Megalithic tour of Anglesey

Rushy Platt Bowl Barrow (Barrow / Cairn Cemetery)

English Heritage list entry and description

Hill of Tara

YouTube - Traces of the Past

Tara Lidar HD.

Uffington White Horse (Hill Figure)

"The Flight of the White Horse"

Poems and illustrations by Giles Watson

Vespasian's Camp and Blick Mead (Hillfort)

Live Science

Wild Auroch hunting near the site of Stonehenge.

Avebury (Stone Circle)

Between the Monuments

Josh Pollard talks about new National Trust research at Avebury.

Clearwell Caves (Ancient Mine / Quarry)

Clearwell Caves - ancient ochre and iron ore mine

Ochre and iron ore mined here for thousands of years.


3D Scanning of the Chiseldon Cauldrons at Southampton University

A short video of the scanning technology revolutionising archaeology,

The Shetland Isles

The Tower People of Shetland

Grianan of Ailech (Stone Fort / Dun)

Grianan of Aileach


The Great Stones Way

Being developed by the Friends of the Ridgeway
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