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Site Site type
Candwr CampEnclosure
Carn Lwyd (Llanguicke)Round Cairn
Carn y BugailCairn(s)
Carnan Nan LongChambered Cairn
Carnau GwynionCairn(s)
Carneddi LlwydionCairn(s)
Castell GarwAncient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
Castell Y GaerHillfort
Castle Ditches (Llancarfan)Hillfort
Castle Field CampEnclosure
CastlesRound Barrow(s)
Cattapund KnoweLong Cairn
Cefn CelfiStanding Stones
Cefn CrossStanding Stones
Cefn Ddwysarn CampHillfort
Cefn SychbantBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Church of St MichaelChristianised Site
Clawdd BrythonigEnclosure
Clearwell CavesAncient Mine / Quarry
Cleatham Hall FarmRound Barrow(s)
Coed Y GaerAncient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
Corston BeaconRound Barrow(s)
Cothelstone HillRound Barrow(s)
Craig RuperraHillfort
Craig Tan Y LanAncient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
Creag Bhreac MhorStone Row / Alignment
Creag Nam MeannStone Fort / Dun
Croes ArthurHillfort
Croes Heol-Y-SplottRound Barrow(s)
Crois Mhic JamainStanding Stones
Cronglwyd FawrRound Barrow(s)
Cross HandsRound Barrow(s)
Crug BachRound Barrow(s)
Crug BancRound Barrow(s)
Crug Bwlch BychanCairn(s)
Crugiau Garn FawrBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
CrugynRound Barrow(s)
Cubbie Roo's BurdenChambered Cairn
CutcombeRound Barrow(s)
Cwm Henwen CairnCairn(s)
Cwm MainCairn(s)
Cwm NantCairn(s)
Danish CampEnclosure
Daw’s CastleCliff Fort
Din LligwyEnclosure
Domen Fawr BarrowRound Barrow(s)
Dounby HouseRound Barrow(s)
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I have visited both historic and prehistoric sites for a number of years but since 'discovering' this website my visits have spiralled out of control!
I am now out 'exploring' as often as possible and have been to many wonderful places I didn't even know existed before using this website.
Having visited all the CADW sites I am now trying to visit all the E.H. sites and as many H.S. sites as possible.
In trying to achieve these goals I get to travel all around the country and with it the chance to visit as many sites as possible mentioned on this fine website. I hope some of you find my contributions a little helpful?
I have certainly found the contributions made by others to be both very informative and often quite amusing!
I must also mention the lovely Karen whom without her help, encouragement and understanding I would not be able to visit half of the places I do.
I am forever grateful.

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