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Caerau Hillfort, RhiwsaesonHillfort
Cairn above Ffridd DduRound Cairn
Cairn between Bryn Dinas and Allt GwyddgwionCairn(s)
Cairn TableCairn(s)
Cairn to SW of Hardknott CastleRound Cairn
Caisteal GrugaigBroch
Carn BanStone Fort / Dun
Carn BlorengeRound Cairn
Carn FawrRound Cairn
Carn FflurBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Carn Glas, AchvraidChambered Cairn
Carn Glas, Badanloch HillKerbed Cairn
Carn GronBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Carn Gwilym, PumlumonCairn(s)
Carn Liath, KensaleyreChambered Cairn
Carn Liath, KilmuirChambered Cairn
Carn Liath, Strath of KildonanCairn(s)
Carn Liath, StruanmoreChambered Cairn
Carn Nant-y-FfaldCist
Carn PenrhiwllwydogCairn(s)
Carn PicaCairn(s)
Carn RichardChambered Cairn
Carn TwrchRound Cairn
Carn Wen, CwmdeuddwrRound Cairn
Carn Wen, LlanwrthwlRound Cairn
Carn-y-Geifr, Drum DduRound Cairn
Carn-yr-Hyrddod, Mynydd LlangeinwyrCairn(s)
Carnau'r Garreg LasCairn(s)
Carnau, CwmdeuddwrCairn(s)
Carnedd GerrigCairn(s)
Carnedd Lwyd, Tyrrau Mawr (Cadair Idris)Cairn(s)
Carnedd Moel SiabodRound Cairn
Carnedd Pen y Borth GochRound Cairn
Carneddau Hafod WnogCairn(s)
Carrachan Dubh, InchnadamphChambered Cairn
Carreg BicaRound Cairn
CarsegownieRound Cairn
Castell DinasHillfort
Castell RhyfelHillfort
Castell y Gwynt, Y GlyderauNatural Rock Feature
Castle Hill, TonbridgeHillfort
Castle Howe, Little LangdaleHillfort
Cefn CerrigCairn(s)
Cefn ClawddRound Cairn
Cefn Esgair CarnauBarrow / Cairn Cemetery
Cefn yr YstradCairn(s)
Cerrig Blaencletwr-Fawr (Esgair Foel-ddu)Round Cairn
Cerrig CewriRound Cairn
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Hi, I'm Robert ... aka Citizen Cairn'd. I've a passion for attempting to understand the lives of the pioneering prehistoric inhabitants of these British Isles, seeking out the remains they left behind in order to ask myself "why here ... why did it matter so... why such commitment?". Needless to say I'm still pondering such intangibles. Just as an empty house appears to retain echoes of past humanity... so does the stone circle, the chambered cairn, the long barrow and the mountain top funerary cairn. Visiting them, I think, helps engender a certain 'connection' with this land of ours, with ourselves - our past, our present and our future; a reference point for those of us perhaps struggling to make sense of this so-called 'computer world' Kraftwerk warned us was a'coming in 1981.... danke, mein herren.

George Orwell - '...during times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act'....

Martin Gore - 'Like a pawn
On the eternal board
Who’s never quite sure
What he’s moved towards
I walk blindly on'...

Truman Capote - 'Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.'

Oscar Wilde - 'The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.'

Henry Kissinger - 'The American temptation is to believe that foreign policy is a subdivision of psychiatry.'

John Lydon - 'It is a reward to be chastised by the ignorant.'

Winston Churchill - 'The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.'

Ultravox - 'Taking shelter by the standing stones
Miles from all that moves
Breathing solitude, seeking confidence
A gift to me
Feeling spirits never far removed
Passing over me
And I greet them with open arms'

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