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Glossary (as far as I can glean!)
Dysse: 'dolmen' = burial chamber, often with a mound (plural - dysser)
Dyssekammer: 'dolmen chamber' = burial chamber - as we usually use dolmen
Runddysse: 'round dolmen' = a chambered round barrow (plural - runddysser)
Langdysse: 'long dolmen' = a chambered long barrow (plural - langdysser)
Jættestue: 'giant's stones' = passage grave (plural - jættestuen)
Høj: 'hill' = barrow
Skibssætning: 'stone ship' = megalithic boat-shaped setting

Books & maps
For our trip Jane and I used Julian's The Megalithic European (see link at top of page to 'The Books') and James Dyer's Discovering Archaeology in Denmark (1972, Shire ISBN 0 85263158 8).

For Langeland, we also used the Danish language Oldtidsmindser På Langeland (1996 Langelands Museum ISBN 87 88509-133) available at the Tourist Information office (and, I would imagine, Langelands Museum itself) in Rudkøbing, Langelands. It doesn't seem to be available on their website though -

We also got a useful 1:50,000 map/leaflet in English Six cycling trips on Langeland (ISBN 87-7343-380-2) from the Tourist Information office.

Mapwise, we used the Euromap 1:30,000 of Denmark (ISBN 3-575-03112-6), which allied to some maps printed from the Visit Denmark website (see below) allowed us to find pretty much everywhere we looked for.

I also did some web research with limited success. I have posted the most useful site I found for the whole country (Visit Denmark) in the Links section below. I've posted a link specifically for Northern Jutland on the Jutland page. There is also a great PDF document available for some of the sites on Als, see Links on the Als page.
Moth Posted by Moth
30th July 2007ce

Links - Fund Og Fortisminder

The Sites and Monuments Records for Denmark.

Click 'Kort' to search by map, or 'Tekst' to type in a place name or choose a period of (pre)history. Think of the usefulness in planning your megalithically themed Danish holiday :)

For the folklore obsessive, the most exciting section is here. Yes it's in Danish. But many hours of translationy fun could await.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
17th April 2013ce
Edited 17th April 2013ce

Google Books

'The Primeval Antiquities of Denmark' by J J A Worsaae, translated (and applied to English sites) by William J Thoms (1849). So it's dated in its theories. But it's got lots of illustrations.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
28th September 2007ce
Edited 13th February 2009ce

Visit Denmark

In English.

Covers the whole of Denmark. Site pages usually have a little basic info and include links to interactive maps (not as good as the inline maps on this site though!) Search takes a little getting used to but is pretty good once you get the hang of it - which took me quite a while!

Link is to the search page, as the navigation to it is pretty cumbersome and I couldn't find any other way to reach the information than using search!
Moth Posted by Moth
30th July 2007ce

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