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North Somerset, Bath and North-East Somerset

<b>North Somerset, Bath and North-East Somerset</b>Posted by IronManThe Cove © IronMan
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Aveline's Hole Cave / Rock Shelter
1 post
Banner Down Long Barrow Long Barrow (Destroyed)
7 posts
Banwell Bone Caves Cave / Rock Shelter
3 posts
Banwell Fort Hillfort
18 posts
Bathampton and Claverton Downs Standing Stones
11 posts
Bathampton Camp Hillfort
6 posts
Bathampton Downs barrows Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Beacon Barrow Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Berwick Hillfort
5 posts
Burledge Hill Hillfort
7 posts
Cadbury Camp (Nailsea) Hillfort
5 posts
Cadbury Hill (Congresbury) Hillfort
1 post
2 sites
Charmy Down Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
1 post
Claverton Down Barrow Round Barrow(s) (Destroyed)
5 posts
Cleeve Toot Hillfort
25 posts
Dolebury Warren Hillfort
1 post
Durley Hill Henge
1 post
Englishcombe Manor Barrow Round Barrow(s)
5 posts
Felton Hill Longbarrow Long Barrow
1 post
The Giants Graves Cist (Destroyed)
2 posts
Hayes Wood Enclosure Enclosure
1 post
Herriotts Bridge Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork (Destroyed)
1 post
High Barrow Hill Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Hinton Charterhouse Barrow Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Knowle Hill Settlement Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork
22 posts
9 sites
37 posts
Little Solsbury Hill Hillfort
1 post
Loxton Hill Barrow Round Barrow(s)
26 posts
Maes Knoll Hillfort
1 post
12 posts
Nempnett Thrubwell Long Barrow
1 post
Nempnett Thrubwell Round Barrow Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Radstock Round Barrow(s)
2 posts
Redhill Barrow / Cairn Cemetery
2 posts
Redhill Long Barrow
17 posts
Round Hill Tump Round Barrow(s)
2 posts
Sand Point Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Shoscombe Long Barrow Long Barrow
11 posts
Stantonbury Hillfort
106 posts
Stony Littleton Long Barrow
13 posts
Temple of Sulis Sacred Well
4 posts
1 site
Tunley Farm Hillfort
3 posts
Uphill Barrow Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Wallmead I and II Round Barrow(s)
Walton Common Hillfort
7 posts
The Water Stone Burial Chamber
3 posts
5 sites
The Weddings at Stanton Drew
1 post
Winford Big Barrow Round Barrow(s)
1 post
Winford Twin Barrows Round Barrow(s)
24 posts
Worlebury Hillfort
9 posts
Yarberry Farm Standing Stone / Menhir
Sites of disputed antiquity:
3 posts
Dundry Stones Stone Row / Alignment
1 post
Nempnett Thrubwell Horse Barrow Round Barrow(s)
6 posts
Portbury Standing Stone / Menhir
13 posts
Three Shire Stones (Reconstruction) Burial Chamber


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'Britain from the air' - street exhibition in Bath

For anyone who lives within travelling distance of Bath, this street exhibition is well worth catching - in the square by Bath Abbey:

Sponsored by Ordinance Survey and wecommunic8... continues...
tjj Posted by tjj
12th September 2010ce
Edited 12th September 2010ce

Free lecture on Monkswood Hoard

"The Monkswood hoard was found in the St Catherine's valley near Bath during the construction of a reservoir in the 1930s. It contains 38 pieces of Bronze age metalwork... continues...
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
7th February 2009ce

Ancient Landscapes, Pastoral Visions

Samuel Palmer to the Ruralists..
An exhibition that has opened at the Victoria Gallery, Bath.

Paul Nash's Eclipse of the Sunflower is there, also Druid Landscape, Megalithic Landscape and work by Graham Sutherland, and The Ruralists of course who lived in Wiltshire, Inshaw painted Silbury and the Owl... continues...
moss Posted by moss
31st July 2008ce
Edited 1st August 2008ce


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Scheduled Monuments in Bath & North East Somerset

The Bath and North East Somerset SMR Listing from 31/3/1999.

Lists various monuments, all scheduled and protected by law
Chance Posted by Chance
27th July 2008ce
Edited 12th April 2015ce

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Worlebury (Hillfort) — News

Hill fort brambles to be removed to reveal archaeology for the first time since 1824

The fort, in Worlebury Woods, suffered from vandalism and was classified as being ‘at risk’ by Historic England at the end of 2016.

North Somerset Council has received a £10,000 grant to pay for surveys at the site to see what work needs to be done to preserve it.

The volunteers of Worlebury Hill Fort Group have started to introduce limestone grassland to the area known as the glade.
moss Posted by moss
15th January 2018ce

Lansdown Barrows (Round Barrow(s)) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Lansdown Barrows</b>Posted by swallowhead<b>Lansdown Barrows</b>Posted by swallowhead Posted by swallowhead
11th January 2018ce

Lansdown Barrows (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

Visited yesterday. The larger barrow is extremely overgrown with brambles and several small trees. It is difficult to see where it begins, but I would estimate around 30-40 feet in diameter. At the centre it reaches a height of 5-6 feet. I remember it being a much more impressive feature a couple of decades ago, very visible from the road when driving past, before it became as scrubbed over as it is now.

There is a drawing of this barrow from 1783 on the British Library website, just behind Rose Cottage with a large ash tree growing on it.

The tree is also visible on the Harcourt Masters Turnpike map of 1786/7, where mound is shown as a very prominent feature. The other two barrows are not shown on the map.

The largest of the confluent round barrows in the field is around 3 feet in height, the smaller one to the NW is around 2 feet.

The field is marked on the 1841 tithe map as 'Fair Close', presumably this was where the Lansdown Fair was held.
Posted by swallowhead
11th January 2018ce

Cleeve Toot (Hillfort) — Folklore

Doubtless there is not a single jot of evidence for the following. But if you want to experience a thrill about those savage Ancient Britons then it's just the thing. Also, it's always nice to involve the Phoenicians in some way, don't you find.
Some months since a query was asked in these columns as to the derivation, &c., of the word 'toot'. Much interesting information was given, but I don't think the derivation as given below was hinted at. This derivation I found in a book published in 1888, written by Theodore Compton, and called "Winscombe Sketches of Rural Life and Scenery."

Speaking of Cleeve Toot, "a remarkable crag or conical rock, the top of which can be seen above the Brockley Woods from the railway between Nailsea and Yatton," we are informed that this is supposed to be one of the Toot Hills used by the Ancient Britons for sacrifices to the Celtic god Teutas. Also there are several other Toothills in different parts of England, as well as other places supposed to be named from the same deity - Tottenham, Tutbury, Tooting, to which might possibly be added Chewton Mendip and Chew Magna, near which is the Druid Temple of Stanton Drew. The Celtic deity Teutas was identified with the [Roman] god Mercurius, the Greek Hermes, the Egyptian Thoth and the Phoenician Tautus. Finally, reference is made to the human sacrifices which used to be made on Cleeve Toot. -- F.F.
In the Notes and Queries section of the Taunton Courier, 13th May 1936.
Rhiannon Posted by Rhiannon
22nd November 2017ce

Worlebury (Hillfort) — News

Importance of ‘at risk’ hill fort promoted to ensure it can be preserved

Preserving an ‘at risk’ ancient monument in Weston-super-Mare is a priority for Historic England and a volunteer group, who hope teaching schoolchildren about its importance will ensure it is looked after for generations to come.
moss Posted by moss
6th June 2017ce

Antisocial behaviour means ancient Iron Age Worlebury hill fort is now ‘at risk’

An ‘outstanding’ ancient monument in Weston-super-Mare has been placed ‘at risk’ by Historic England after falling victim to antisocial behaviour.

The Iron Age Worlebury hill fort, in Weston Woods, is thought to have been created some 700 years before the Romans arrived in Britain as a form of defence.

Historic England says it is an ‘outstanding example’ of its type and is also unusual, as few of these forts were created along the coast.

It has previously been listed by Historic England as being in a ‘vulnerable’ condition, but it has now been re-registered as ‘at risk’ after people camped nearby and moved parts of the structure.

A Historic England spokesman said: “Historic England made a recent visit to the hill fort in response to concerns from volunteers working on the site.....

moss Posted by moss
9th January 2017ce

The Great Circle, North East Circle & Avenues (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>The Great Circle, North East Circle & Avenues</b>Posted by Dave1982<b>The Great Circle, North East Circle & Avenues</b>Posted by Dave1982<b>The Great Circle, North East Circle & Avenues</b>Posted by Dave1982 Dave1982 Posted by Dave1982
2nd January 2017ce
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