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Northern England

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Fingerem Stone (Cairn(s)) — Fieldnotes

Just to add to that. This statement if weird - "It is on the left-hand side of the road as one travels from Ringinglow to Fox House and near to the last-named place. I was not permitted to approach the spot for fear of disturbing the young grouse, but as far as one could judge from the road it is a heap of stones scattered here and there. I cannot say more without a nearer examination."

Whilst the location here is correct, if you were travelling the old road (as he were) the Fingerem stone would be easily visible, almost within touching distance in fact, so the how he could not see it, if it still existed doesn't make sense. Take a look at the placed marked on the old map and how the feature is right by the road. It doesn't make any sense.
harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
2nd September 2014ce

I searched extensively for this stone but found nothing bar the one in the pic i just uploaded. Pretty surprised to see this site listed here to be honest, given there's no evidence for it being of any age.

Another strange thing is it being listed as "Cairns/Destroyed", i highly doubt that was the case, seems 2+2 came out as 5 imo.

The area to the (very) immediate N/NW is very boulder strewn and could easily be mistaken for a cairn site from the view given in the old text. I guess some of this is natural added to with clearance. I very much doubt this refers to a cairn/cairns. More likely a way marker of some form that's now long gone.
harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
2nd September 2014ce

Fingerem Stone (Cairn(s)) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Fingerem Stone</b>Posted by harestonesdown harestonesdown Posted by harestonesdown
2nd September 2014ce

The Boxes (Round Barrow(s)) — Miscellaneous

This is probably the barrow mentioned in the list of lows in Plot. ";and that other in a field near the left hand the way, as you pass between Mathfield and Ellaston near Colwich-Common, without a name; and another larger over against it, at the other end of the common, which they call Row-Low." Source: "The Natural History of Stafford-shire" Plot, R. 1686 p.404 paragraph 21.

So Calwich Low and Row Low both have names attached so the barrow near The Boxes is probably the one 'without a name'.
BrownEdger Posted by BrownEdger
2nd September 2014ce

Hanging Bank, Ecton Hill (Round Barrow(s)) — Folklore

A Giant's Grave?

Robert Plot mentions that men's bones "of an extraordinary size" were found when a Low on Ecton Hill was opened. Apparently these bones were "preserved for some time by one Mr. Hamilton vicar of Alstonefield". Source: The Natural History of Stafford-shire", Plot, R. 1686. p.330 paragraph 109.

This is probably the low mentioned by Plot "on Ecton" in the list of lows on p.404 paragraph 21.

When Carrington opened Hanging Bank barrow on 18th May 1848 he noted that the site had been previously disturbed.

Bateman believed that this barrow must be the one Plot refers to as it is the only one of the five on Ecton that showed evidence of having previously been dug into.

There are plenty of examples from around the world of "Giant's bones" being discovered which are in fact the bones of large animals that have been misidentified - is that the case here? Maybe / maybe not - there are certainly examples of animals being interred in barrows in Staffordshire but these tend to be either smaller animals such as a dog, a pig or a polecat or they are part of an animal such as an Ox's head or antler tines. So could this just be the burial of a strapping, big warrior? Would that warrant the description "...bones...of an extraordinary size"?

It is a pity we do not know what Mr. Hamilton did with the bones he 'preserved'.
BrownEdger Posted by BrownEdger
2nd September 2014ce

Thirst House (Cave / Rock Shelter) — Images

<b>Thirst House</b>Posted by stubob<b>Thirst House</b>Posted by stubob stubob Posted by stubob
29th August 2014ce

Hanging Stone (Natural Rock Feature) — Images

<b>Hanging Stone</b>Posted by daveash82<b>Hanging Stone</b>Posted by daveash82<b>Hanging Stone</b>Posted by daveash82 Posted by daveash82
28th August 2014ce
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