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Hill fort hotspots in UK and Ireland mapped for first time in online atlas

For the first time, a detailed online atlas has drawn together the locations and particulars of the continues...
LesHamilton Posted by LesHamilton
22nd June 2017ce
Edited 5th July 2017ce

The 25th Festival of Archaeology will take place between the 11th - 26th July 2015

The Festival is a huge celebration of our incredible history here in the UK, and you don't have to be an archaeologist to join in. It's a chance for everyone to explore and uncover the past, see archaeology in action, and bring the history on your doorstep to life. We look forward to seeing you there... continues...
Chance Posted by Chance
8th July 2015ce

Free open Days - 11 to 14 Sep - UK Wide

Find out what's open in your local area - Every where listed is free for the day!

For more information about the European Heritage Days, visit www.ehd... continues...
Chance Posted by Chance
10th September 2014ce
Edited 10th September 2014ce

Help wanted to create 3D modeling of megalithic sites

"HeritageTogether is an AHRC-funded project run by Bangor, Aberystwyth and Manchester Metropolitan Universities in conjunction with Gwynedd Archaeological Trust... continues...
juamei Posted by juamei
20th February 2014ce
Edited 20th February 2014ce

British Rock Art Collection (BRAC) - back Online

British Rock Art Collection (BRAC) - back Online

Quite a few people will hopefully remember BRAC - the online image gallery covering British rock art sites... continues...
Posted by Chappers
2nd December 2013ce

CBA issue "Archaeology is about knowledge, not treasure" article

Following on the from ITV's "Britain's Secret Treasures" programme, the Council for British Archaeology have issued an excellent, unequivocal statement on their website... continues...
thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
20th July 2012ce

What caused Britain's Bronze Age 'recession'?

A large gap in pre-history could signal that Britain underwent an economic downturn over 2,500 years ago... continues...
Chris Collyer Posted by Chris Collyer
7th April 2011ce

British ancient forests were patchy

From PlanetEarth online

What were Britain's primordial forests like before humans started tampering with the environment? The latest clues from a study of fossil beetles suggest that the ancient forest was patchy and varied in density across Britain... continues...
baza Posted by baza
30th November 2009ce
Edited 30th November 2009ce


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Local Myths and Legends: UK Section

This is a unique resource for all things odd, mystical, unexplained and peculiar. From local tales of giants to driver-terrorizing phantom hands, the website allows users to add their own local legends with the interactive maps.
Chance Posted by Chance
4th March 2011ce
Edited 2nd September 2012ce


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Of barrows, burials and blades of bronze

A fascinating article on barrows and their history.
moss Posted by moss
28th August 2012ce

The Heritage Journal

How To: Report Dumped Rubbish or Damage to a Heritage Site

An article I wrote which details how to report damage or litter at prehistoric sites that you may find as you work your way through the sites on TMA. In short:

1. Take lots of photos.
2. Take 5 minutes to briefly write down the following:
- date
- site name
- site location (an OS ref will do)
- type of crime
- extent of crime
3. Ring the police on 999 if its happening right now and on 101 if its already happened. You do not have to give your name.
juamei Posted by juamei
8th June 2012ce
Edited 8th June 2012ce

The Heritage Journal

Spot the stone circle competition!

Can you recognise any of these stone circles from the aerial photos?
A friend just emailed me this link so thought I'd share it on here if anyone wants to have a go. Good luck!
Emma A Posted by Emma A
24th May 2012ce
Edited 24th May 2012ce

Old newspapers go on-line

All over the press today, the official launch of the British Library Newspaper website. May be of use to TMAers... a search for Stonehenge found 450 articles to read.
Mr Hamhead Posted by Mr Hamhead
30th November 2011ce
Edited 30th November 2011ce

The coins of the ancient Britons

Victorian guidebook to coins of various ancient British tribes By Sir John Evans from 1864 - A nighthawkers delight

Download the complete book in PDF via Google books
Chance Posted by Chance
25th July 2010ce

Mythology and rites of the British Druids

Mythology and rites of the British Druids as certained by national documents and compared with the general traditions and customs of heathenism, as illustrated by antiquaries of our age. With an appendix, containing ancient poems and extracts, with some remarks on ancient British coins.

by Davies, Edward
Published in 1809, Printed for J Booth (London)

Download the complete book in pdf format
Chance Posted by Chance
25th March 2010ce

Ancient man in Britain

Ancient man in Britain.
by Donald Alexander Mackenzie
Published in 1922, Blackie (London)

Download the complete book in pdf format
Chance Posted by Chance
25th March 2010ce

Life in early Britain

Life in early Britain
being an account of the early inhabitants of this island and the memorials which they have left behind them

by Windle, Bertram Coghill Alan Sir.
Published in 1897, David Nutt (London)

Download the complete book in pdf format
Chance Posted by Chance
25th March 2010ce

An archaeological survey of the United Kingdom

An archaeological survey of the United Kingdom.
by Murray, David
Published in 1896, MacLehose (Glasgow)

Download the complete book in pdf format
Chance Posted by Chance
25th March 2010ce

The antiquities of England and Wales

The antiquities of England and Wales.
by Grose, Francis
Published in 1785, S. Hooper (London)

Download the complete book in pdf format
Chance Posted by Chance
25th March 2010ce

The ancient stone implements, weapons and ornaments, of Great Britain.

The ancient stone implements, weapons and ornaments, of Great Britain.
by Evans, John Sir
Published in 1897, Longmans, Green, and Co. (London, Bombay)

Download the complete book in pdf format
Chance Posted by Chance
25th March 2010ce

Standing Stones & Monoliths - stories from the Paranormal Database

150 Recorded Paranormal events from the UK's Standing Stones & Monoliths
Chance Posted by Chance
25th October 2009ce

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Jersey — News

Archaeologists find Stones of interest

A COLLECTION of stones has been unearthed by a team of UK archaeologists investigating fields in St Clement earmarked for a new estate of 200 affordable homes.
Five stones, which could date back to the Island’s neolithic past when the dolmens were built, were discovered by a team from the Museum of London Archaeological Services at the former Samarès Nursery site.

Read more at..
moss Posted by moss
23rd October 2017ce

Tulloch Boundary Marker 33 (Cup and Ring Marks / Rock Art) — Fieldnotes

From the top of Brimmond you get marvellous views all round. The view to the north has Elrick Hill and its enclosure so I decided to climb down following a track which left the main track half way down. At the bottom there is a minor road and across from this another road, road is optimistic, which leads to the bottom of the valley.

Just before the wee car park jump the fence and head west, the boulder and marker stone are easily spotted being next to the fence overlooking the overgrown Littlemill Burn.

The boulder is almost 1m square and just over 0.5 deep with the cup mark measuring 9cm wide and 3cm deep.

With that it was up the Elrick Hill to find nothing. Long grass and ferns covered the area so another winter time visit required. A nice walk with great views to the west more than made up for the lack of site especially when the main view is Bennachie.

Visited 7/9/2017.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
22nd October 2017ce

Beans Hill (Cup Marked Stone) — Fieldnotes

After looking for the cairn, with no real luck, I followed the deer fence south west and luckily found a gate on to the northern side. After the third dry stane dyke look west for a solitary boulder.

The boulder is about 1m square and 0.5m deep. Situated near the centre the cup mark is 11cm wide and 2.5cm deep. Much more recently someone tried to break the rock as evidenced by the drill hole.

Now by this time it was belting down. Paths and tracks had become large streams. By the time I arrived back at the car I was 'fair drookit'.

Visited 31/8/2017.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
22nd October 2017ce

Beans Hill, Boundary Marker 23 (Cup Marked Stone) — Fieldnotes

From East Brotherfield I headed south east and cross country to look for two more cup marked rocks, the first being near marker 23. As the sunny weather faded the underfoot conditions became trickier. Keep heading south east and eventually a deer fence is reached. Follow this south east and it will lead to the meeting place of several fences. Unluckily the rocky outcrop is the other side of the deer fence.

Also on the south side of the fence is the marker, behind this can be found the cup mark which measures at 14cm wide and 6cm deep. To help locate the cup mark I left the end of a fence post. Just to the east is the new Aberdeen by-pass. Sadly the nearby cairn seems to have vanished but a winter visit might reveal more.

On the way back I'd look for another cup marked rock. By this time it was lashing down and underfoot conditions resembled a heathery quagmire.

Visited 31/8/2017.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
22nd October 2017ce

East Brotherfield, Boundary Marker 25 (Cup Marked Stone) — Fieldnotes

The massive boulder at East Brotherfield contains one cup mark. Its measurements are 14cm wide and 6cm deep. Situated 1m above the ground the boundary marker also provides a handy marker in locating the cup.

I asked permission to park at East Silverburn, to the north east, followed the track to East Brotherfield and followed a small stream/path straight to the boulder.

There are lots of rock and rock plate so another visit needed to hopefully find some more rock art. Beautiful conditions but that would change.

Visited 31/8/2017.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
22nd October 2017ce

Slaterich (Cist) — Links

Slaterich Cists

Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
21st October 2017ce

Slaterich (Cist) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Slaterich</b>Posted by Howburn Digger Howburn Digger Posted by Howburn Digger
21st October 2017ce

Hilton Farm, Boundary Marker 18 (Cup Marked Stone) — Fieldnotes

From the Dalmuinzie Stone I made my way back west to the Hillhead Road and walked north west following the track. Once the track straightens jump the first gate (the fifth field from Hillhead cottages) and head south across the field. The stone(s) are next to the fence and wall which in turn is next to a wood.

The cup marked rock lies next to the boundary marker. Its cup has a width of 7.5cm wide, being 2.5cm deep. This is quite an impressive rock almost kerb like. Sadly it might have once been part of a long destroyed cairn remnants of which can be seen scattered all round.

Visited 24/8/2017.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
21st October 2017ce

Dalmuinzie Farm, Boundary Marker 16 (Cup Marked Stone) — Fieldnotes

Between Bieldside and Milltimber on the A93 take the Hillhead Road heading north and stop at Hillhead Farm and cottages. From here I headed east across a small field, jumped a burn, climbed back up, went past some trees and went down another small hill until I spotted a large stone beside which was one of the boundary markers of Aberdeen.

The stone has a single cup mark which is 9cm wide and 4cm deep. In prehistoric times there were a couple of nearby cairns so no surprise that there are cup marked rocks nearby.

Visited 24/8/2017.
drewbhoy Posted by drewbhoy
21st October 2017ce

Bratton Castle & Westbury White Horse (Hillfort) — Images

<b>Bratton Castle & Westbury White Horse</b>Posted by Meic Meic Posted by Meic
20th October 2017ce
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