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Caer Caradoc



There is a high risk of repeating Carl here, word for word, so I will try to dodge words like wonderful, fabulous, and idyllic. But it will not be easy, because he is absolutely spot on.

We parked near Wax Hall west of the fort, blocking an unused gate by the road, then walked to the first foot path leading to the east and passes the fort on it's north side, I think that still left one fence to jump though, maybe.
We entered the fort through the eastern entrance, shades of iron age peasants applauded our arrival, or it might have been a strong wind, which might also have been rather cold.
Neither of us were expecting such deep ditches and high banks, there's at least two Caer Caradoc's in Shropshire, I've been to the other one two or three times, it's not anyway near as good as this one, I really should have been here years ago.
So with a mixture of incredulity and awe upon our faces we followed the lower rampart west on the forts south side. A small Hawthorn tree still bearing bright red berries autumned its way by us as we moved west, Jim of the doors was right the west is the best. Soon enough we arrive at the western entrance, like Carl we were reminded heavily of Maiden Castle, no not that one, the big one. The west gate is a complex of deep ditches running away from the central walkway, high banks in between, it really is quite fab, aah I mean amazing, that was close.
I spotted a pair of shadows following us, so I photoed them, I waved but got no return. Entering the fort through the massively impressive west gate we walked round the interior, passing a shake hole? or abandoned mine shaft or ritual area or hole, yes, it was definitely a hole, and on to look out through the eastern entrance where we first came in. Then it was back to the super entrance and then follow the rampart back east along the northern side. Along this northern rampart we spotted at least three house platforms, I think that's the proper speak, if not, then they were the site of some kind of building, cannily hidden out of the wind. The sun began to come out from it's cloudy hiding place, when it shone upon the trees across the valley illuminating the yellows, browns, and reds of autumn, shining upon the wet grassy fields, it was better than good. Almost said idyllic then.
After walking along the triple set of banks we were back at the eastern entrance, we had performed the obligatory circuit of the fort, the very least a visitor should do at a hill fort. But it was getting later in the day and there is a site with a name that burns a deep hole in my obsessive mind, he has an armchair you know.
postman Posted by postman
27th November 2016ce
Edited 27th November 2016ce

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It was idyllic. Perfect. Awesome. Wonderful. Pick any superlative you like, that was it. thesweetcheat Posted by thesweetcheat
27th November 2016ce
Thank you very, very much for reminding me of the existence and correct location of this wonderful, dramatic place that I haven't seen since on holiday with my late dad in the '70's.. had forgotten where it was and have scoured maps in vain. I can and want to go back now. spencer Posted by spencer
27th November 2016ce
Happy to be of service, and my sincere condolences. postman Posted by postman
27th November 2016ce
I am, I can promise you, after looking at those pix, recognising and going 'aha!/yay!', chuffed. Can't understand why so few here have been. Great site...must be to have stuck in my memory for almost forty years. I was beginning to think it was my imagination having been, and evidently looking on the wrong map to try and locate. I never knew its name. I prefer it to Maiden Castle - sort of deviating having mentioned the latter, but why do so few seem to go to Eggardon Hill camp nearby? A similar vibe to 'this' Caer Caradoc, imo. Anyway, cheers for this once again : ) spencer Posted by spencer
27th November 2016ce
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