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St Elvis

Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech


I've been wanting to come here for at least a decade and i've been trying to find a way down all year long, it took birthday money to do it in the end.
En route by 5am, I saw a standing stone and a couple of hill forts on the way, the way being 160 miles long, but this is the place i'm heading for most. It is one of three burial chambers I want to get to, places I'd had to put off till next time, but next times are nowadays hard to come by, too few and too far inbetween, so every now and then you have to push it, sleep and food must become secondary thoughts.
If only the King had taken a page out of my book.
I will exercise some restraint in further musical related puns.
I parked in the car park that I assume is for the hoards of tourists that must flock here on more sunny days, only old photographs assure me there are more sunny days, as it is I steel myself against the precocious elements and trudge, in a lonely manner, up the hill towards the farm.
The farm track right angles to the right and from here I can see the stones across the field, they are somewhat reassuringly further from the farm house than I thought. The farm track though is another matter, it might double as some kind of slurry canal, collecting it from over several fields and channeling it into a wide reservoir, map says it's a footpath, it looks more like a lake of shit to me. I wade through it, it's not as deep as it seems, the bottom is obviously not visible. I pass by the farm house and walk up to the stones thankfully leaving the farm behind, but not the effluent quagmire, not until i'm in the grassy enclosure with the stones does it get not muddy. This is really one of the worst placed farms i've ever seen, it's like they leave the place in an utter mess on purpose, it's enough to make you die on the toilet.
That's not true, either way.
Firstly I cram myself under the capstone, mostly because it's the done thing but also to escape the stinging sideways rain, incessant is the word, possibly spelled wrong, autospell is an American.
The still standing chamber is interesting enough but the other is more interesting still, I'm not sure it's collapsed, I think it's supposed to look like that, it looks like a recumbent and flankers, but could more likely be a type of boulder burial with two stones kind of containing it. An earth fast burial boulder like at Perthi Duon at Angelsey.
Despite the farm, shite weather and just the shite, everywhere, I stayed too long, I might have to add one of the places on my list to the other list, for next time.
God I'm hungry, deep fried cheeseburger will cure that.
Postman has left the farmyard.
postman Posted by postman
15th November 2015ce
Edited 15th November 2015ce

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Enjoyed the read Postie. Great effort on your part to visit this site, brought back happy memories. The King and the Postie - has a certain ring about it! :) Posted by CARL
15th November 2015ce
Thanks Carl,
The king and I ? I'm not sure, but I like being just in the same sentence as the great one.
postman Posted by postman
15th November 2015ce
Well done, mate. Hat off for dedication. Fine, 'human' notes. "I'm caught in some crap... I can't hold out..." : ) spencer Posted by spencer
16th November 2015ce
I have been several times to St.Elvis, the muddiness is due to the milking cows, there must have been a hundred, pass us by one summer in a single line. Just love this part of the coast. But I thought I would find Breverton's news on the subject of Elvis the King and his Welsh background, it was in 2000..
moss Posted by moss
16th November 2015ce
Thanks Spencer and Moss,
I'm sure I may have been to somewhere that was muddier, but I cant think where it was, it wouldn't be so bad if it was just mud, this was that kind of hybrid mud.
It was just awful, and ive got no sense of smell, seeing this great little chamber half surrounded by orange "mud" all I could think of was a fat bloated corpse lying in a pool of it's own filth.
Stone me the King was Welsh?
postman Posted by postman
16th November 2015ce
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