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Garn Fawr



There are two forts here right next to each other, this the western one is much larger than it's counterpart.
Starting from the car park once more, it is not far to the main entrances, three ramparts there are on it's east side, each growing in size as the higher ground is gained. The path passes through the first rampart which is very slight and grass/fern/gorse covered, the second bank the path passes through is more discernible, to the left of the path some stones protrude in sparse patches, but on the right the stone spread is considerable and reaches off into the distance wrapping itself around the contour of the hill.
The top most rampart is very impressive, again it is more grass covered on the left side of the path than on the right.
Once in the fort proper I naturally head straight for the trig point at the top, it is still raining, mist comes and goes, as does the outside world, the wind is the thing though, it is so strong I have to cling onto the trig point for safety, without it I would surely have fallen to a head crunching finale, it was like an actual malevolent force definitely trying to pull me off.
This is my third outing in crap weather in a row and I'm seriously beginning to question the validity of supernatural beings.
I scramble down spiderlike from the top and hide for a while in a WW2 gun privy, from here I can see the western wall, the wind is most absolutely wailing now, there is one spot upon me that is no longer waterproof, a chink in my impervious armour has appeared, I found out while sitting down.
The western rampart is similarly as impressive as the eastern, and again it runs from outcrop to outcrop. Back towards the entrance I decide to climb another outcrop, ostensibly to view the entrance ramparts, but from up there I can see the southern wall, once more running from outcrop to outcrop, if it is a law of fort building amongst rocks they followed it fastidiously, even the banks below the inner entrance ramparts do it, had it been a clear day I may have also been able to see Ysgubor Gaer another fortlet thingy far below, so close as to be part of the same place.
A fantastic fort in what I have been reliably informed is a pretty area. Three times ive been to Strumble and not seen the sun at all.
postman Posted by postman
15th November 2015ce
Edited 15th November 2015ce

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Trust me, Strumble can have some lovely sunshine. I used to go down for Whit holidays year after year with folks, always seemed to have good weather at that time of year, and hope to finally return to West Pembrokeshire next year..would've been last month if I'd been up to the 6hr+ drive. We used to stay at a site at Rhosson which is still going, now called St Davids Camping. Looks unchanged from website pix. Basic, cheap, fab. I know where I'm going.... no hesitation in recommending it to others here if they like 'real' camping. Commiserations for the crap weather you encountered during your 'window of opportunity'. spencer Posted by spencer
16th November 2015ce
There will always be a next time, opportunity and good weather will soon coincide i'm sure.
Pembrokeshire is a great place, stones all over the place, after Gwynedd it's my favorite Welsh county.
postman Posted by postman
16th November 2015ce
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