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Re: Rastafarians of The Northern Isles?
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" the Picts, little exceeded pigmies in stature; they did marvels, in the morning and in the evening, in building [walled] towns, but at mid-day they entirely lost all their strength, and lurked, through fear, in little underground houses"

There is a lot to unravel in the extracts quoted. The pigmy-like Picts living in underground houses (Skara Brae and the brochs) fit the classic "fairy/pixie" model and the reference to them building walled towns is a variation on the "works of giants" seen elsewhere when newcomers try to explain the buildings of earlier technologies. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is that they worked in the morning and in the evening. but lost their strength at midday - almost a siesta. Stories elsewhere tell of individual heroes or even giants who lost their strength after midday and the significance being that they lost their strength as the sun declined. Not found any before that regained their strength in the evening.

"Picts" and "Pixies"? Is there a connection or just a coincidence of similar sounding words? I'm not suggesting that northern Picts ever went to Devon, but perhaps the concept of an earlier population of "painted" men was more widespread. In other words did other groups of indigenous inhabitants of Britain paint or tattoo themselves. According to Caesar - the answer would seem to be "yes".

"Black" men is interesting, but deserves caution. Round about 866, Vikings went on an extended Mediterranean cruise and took Moorish slaves which they called "fir gorm" and "blamenn" meaning blue men or black men or simply men with dark skin. All is relative however, and we must remember that the Irish differentiated the Danes fron the Norwegians presumably by predominant hair colour. They called the Norwegians "Finn-gaill" - the White Foreigners and the Danes "Dubb-gaill" - the Black Foriegners. Not so much light and dark skinned but blondes and brunettes!

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Posted by PeterH
20th July 2005ce

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