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Mulfra Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Fieldnotes

Whilst doing fieldwork for A-level courswork I pursuaded the family to drive me around Penwith so I could measure and photograph what my younger sister termed as "a pile of old rocks!". As it was our first visit to Mulfra, we firstly drove past the footpath, pulled over next to Try Farm, checked the map, turned around and parked in a layby just behind us.
From there we followed a footpath up the hill, as it looked to be going the wrong way we turned off, and followed what turned out to be an animal track, that soon disapeared.
Freezing cold wind didn't discourage us and we plouged on, shins scratched and bleeding by low lying gorse, we arrived on top of the hill to the fantastic site of Mulfra Quoit!
The qouit itself is fantastic, big enough to squeeze inside for a moments rest and to open the flask of tea!
The views in all directions are fantastic, and many photo's were taken.
When hands and face was numb, we followed a clearer path back down to the car, was steeper going but much quicker.

Chûn Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Fieldnotes

Chun Quoit is a place i visit as reguarly as possible, my first being around 10 years ago at the tender age of 7/8 years.
It is a beautiful place, peaceful and quiet.
recently i walked up over Kenijack Moor, past the Hooting Carn and crossing the road headed up the hill towards Chun Quoit.
As i approached, the top of the Comlech stood out in silhouette against the lightening sky, the sun was just beginning to slowly make its way towards the horizon.
As i drew closer, the view took my breath away, as it always does, away over fields, rough heather and gorse, down towards the sparkling sea. I stood for a moment and took in the atmosphere, the sun has sped up now and is turning the clouds pink and gold, a beautiful sunset in the making.
I took a few moments to walk around the Quoit, noticing new details from the last time i was here.
I stop again as i finish a full circle, the light is becoming more golden by the minute, i take out my sketch pad and quickly sketch in the basic tonal values for reference later, thinking all the while that i'll never be able to capture the essence and atmosphere on paper anyway!
I finish drawing and sit watching the sun finish its descent, the breeze is getting up and is getting cooler, two birds fly over, late home, calling as they go.
it is getting cold now, i turn, take one last look, and start on the long walk home.

Chûn Quoit (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Chûn Quoit</b>Posted by Mirla
I live in Cornwall, love its history, heritage and archaeology I love to see new things and places of interest, I visit as many places as possible in the local area and am hoping to see some sites that are further "up-country" (!!) and also abroad!
I'm studying Archeaology at college and would like to continue at University and then at an educational level..but that all depends on the grades!
I'm friendly and open to new ideas and information and will join in on debates and will share my limited knowledge as and when i can!

Favorite sites:
Tregeseal stone circle:
Even though this site is not complete i feel a certain peace descends over this place.
Chun Quoit, beautiful, peaceful, and always different.
Silbury Hill is pretty interesting too as its still not clear why its there!!
and many more!


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