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The Great X of Kilmartin (Stone Row / Alignment) — Fieldnotes

The Nether Largie stones (the Great X etc.) seem to be lined up with features of the landscape.
Looking down the line of the 'X' (its a very narrow X, more like a straight line with an 'entrance' at each end - see
for a good view of it) from its southwestish end, it points at the small wood to the northeastish;
The big central stone of the X lies on a straight line between Templewood and another small wood on the opposite side. It is a thin, flat sided stone and the plane of it is on this line. (Where these woods there when the stone were erected?);
Also when you line this central stone up with the smaller stone that is standing on its own in what is now the next field to the northish it points at the highest visible hilltop peak.
The site reckons it may have been used to track the sun and moon. Doesn't say how - but if so looks likes its relating them to local landscape. (Also/or related to geomancy?)
The landscape of the whole glen is really unusual. You particularly notice this if you go towards the sea. The glen is not only mostly very flat, its also mostly right at sea level. It looks and feels like its just been submerged and could be again at any moment. The glens stones etc. are all basically round the edge of a giant peat bog which according to my sources (a tourist brochure) would have been a bit bigger and maybe still partly submerged when the stones were erected. Go down towards the sea, especially in the late afternoon/evening and its a really eerie, quiet and strange landscape, which is maybe why the glen has so many ritual sites.
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