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BoagstownStanding Stone / Menhir
Couston Refuge StoneStanding Stone / Menhir
Glen EllrigStanding Stones
KippsDolmen / Quoit / Cromlech
Lochcote StoneStanding Stone / Menhir
Westfield Refuge StoneStanding Stone / Menhir
Have a root down deep into the heart of the Hills of the Boars Wood. Don't get to spend as much time in the Mama's embrace as I would like to these days but when I do, she still blows me away. I love the stillness and the Merlin vibe that sweeps over me as I gaze across the Central Belt. The rocks, the ice, the forests, the beasts and the people, all bound by that whirling golden ratio. Wow. At its best, usually the laverock and the whaups for company, a fresh breeze and the sun tickling my face. This bog loupin', ridge walkin' man don't want to stop.

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