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Ballyrenan (Portal Tomb) — Fieldnotes

The site at Ballyrenan has now been completely cleaned up. This was in no small part due to the approaches made by a ceratin prolific contirbutor to this site. The head gardener at the Baronscourt Estate had been instructed to clean it up about 2 weeks ago. The transformation is quite remarkable and it really does make you wonder why it was left to sit in almost complete obscutriy for the last 12 years (apparently the last time it was cleared). The site sits approx 10 metres from the road and is also bordered by a farm to the west. Access is extremely easy; a small stone wall, partly ruined and with a gap, allowing for access without having to climb anything. Apart from the complete transformation of this site, one thing that struck me was the almost unhindered views NNW - NNE, taking in the Sperrins. It almost feels like it was located with this in mind. To the East is Bessy Bell (Slieve Trim), which is primarily used for the timber industry, also owned and run by the local Estate. The gardener from the estate seems to be under the impression that there were originally 3 portal tombs here and that one was destroyed. There does appear to be many more stones under foot and lying in an almost random manner. There also appears to be a small long barrow (?) about 30 ft to the north of the stones, but located within the same enclosure. Probably nothing though somenone with more knowledge may be able to clarify this. For those who may have been disappointed with a vist in recent times, I would suggest returning. Will post some pics soon.

Aghnaglarig (Standing Stone / Menhir) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Aghnaglarig</b>Posted by cozski<b>Aghnaglarig</b>Posted by cozski

Glenknock/Crosh (Chambered Tomb) — Fieldnotes

Located approx 1/2 mile from Crosh Portal Tomb, which I was unable to locate at the time - though given the almost 'wintry' weather that accompanied me that day, my enthusiasm wasn't running that high. This is easy to locate and can be seen from the main road. Between this site and the one at Crosh, there were many very large stones scattered about. Not certain if that bears any relevance to the site, but thought i'd mention it.

Glenknock/Crosh (Chambered Tomb) — Images

<b>Glenknock/Crosh</b>Posted by cozski<b>Glenknock/Crosh</b>Posted by cozski

Ballyrenan (Portal Tomb) — Fieldnotes

A local site about half a mile from my house. I made a foray up but most of the site is now considerably overgrown and difficult to get close to, due to a forest of nettles. Took some pics with my 35mm Olympus Trip but haven't got them developed yet. I'll check this out again. It's also part of the 'sales pitch' for the local estate I live on and a highly valued feature of the area.
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