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Carreg Samson (Dolmen / Quoit / Cromlech) — Fieldnotes

Starting in the morning from the Old Courthouse B&B in Trevin, we hiked south on the Pembrokeshire Coast Trail. We found a fake stone circle assembled by local herdsmen on a lark, albeit a cool one. But we also found a long standing stone that seemed to be a marker for walking or sea-faring pilgrims. After hiking to the slate and bluestone quarry, the latter which could have easily been used as the backdrop for a B-grade Sci-Fi movie. This is where the Ancients got their bluestones for Stonehenge and elsewhere (such as the Marlborough Downs, I reckon). After reaching the once oil-damaged but healing Blue Lagoon, we returned north to our digs. Upon querying our hostess about the stones, she suggested going north on the trail for a mile or two to Carreg Samson, on the Longhouse Farm property.

Just before the rain and sunset we found Carreg Samson. Most planks would make a Spinal Tap joke about its size, but it's still in good shape and a beautiful testament to its builders. It was our first sight of the brilliant quartz patches that ran through it. The cattle were restless as the wind blew off the coast and over the beautiful cliffs.

Being the pseudo-intellectual I am, I thought a hill behind the farm was maybe the "Longhouse Burial Chamber", but their dogs soon ran us out, nipping at our heels. After a few laughs we raced home to beat the rain.

Samson was small in stature but stong in spirit. If you go, you'll probably be the only ones there, and what more could you ask for, to be alone with the Mother?
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