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Wandlebury (Hillfort) — Folklore

Allegedly the hill fort was home to a tribe of ferrocious warriors called the Wandelii, (possible reference to the Vandals ? or barbarians), who were mysteriously massacred one night by the local Christians.

Legend tells of a Knight sleeping in the hill. He can be called on a night of the full moon by shouting "Knight, knight, come forth and fight" But it is not recommended, as when the knight awakes, it is for a fight to the death.

Legendary place of the Gog & Magog hill figures. Not many traces are visible now however, but when winter comes, outlines can become more visible.

Cambrige Archaeology trust have more details on Gog & Magog.

Bowl Barrows (South of Beacon) (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

The most obvious mound is seen from the road that snakes up to the National Trust car park. Visible on the left it is thankfully realatively untouched and sits on the end of the beacon ridge in a prominent position. It is a reasonable size & has superb views accross to the reseviors at Tring and out over the flat lands heading north.

Continuing up from this along the eroded path there are the remains of a flattened mound, quite large in diameter, with a track cutting through it. Along the ridge towards Whipsnade are a number of smaller mounds, again revery worn but still visible. As you follow the ridge towards the radio masts it slopes down giving good views of one of the last mounds, to a fence where crossing a stile in front of you leads you into a usually ploughed field. The access here is good and in front of you is Gallows Hill, one of the better barrows on the ridge. Again there is a track over it, but thankfully the fence that also ran along the top has long since been removed. It is possible to walk all around the base. Beyond this mound is believed to be another smaller barrow, but farming has taken its toll and the area is not accessible.

Sharpenhoe Clappers (Hillfort) — Fieldnotes

Surrounded by seemingly unpenetrable rings of trees, the inner area of sharpenhoe is remarkably still. Well sheltered and almost relaxing, this place is almost too quiet. Due to the lack of housing nearby the light pollution is kept to a minimum and on a clear night, the silent banks are perfect for losing yourself in the constellations. The atmosphere at most times is pleasent, however, there are times when dusk draws I have felt compelled to turn tail & run. I have never been able to describe why.
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