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Roseberry Topping (Sacred Hill) — Images (click to view fullsize)

<b>Roseberry Topping</b>Posted by jobbo<b>Roseberry Topping</b>Posted by jobbo

Three Howes (Cold Moor) (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

The Three Howes of Cold Moor and their two neighbours sit smack bang in the middle of Cold Moor and have great views (more mounds scattered about can be seen). These are three mounds, two on the west of the track and one on the east.

Cold Moor (Round Barrow(s)) — Fieldnotes

I had a wander up here on Hallowe'en, and here just before (or just after, depending on your direction) the Three Howes are two more mounds. Why they're classed as seperate is beyond me as when you're up there they're next door neighbours!

When visiting the heather was high and one of the mounds was hard to make out once I left the path. Some good views of two more mounds at the head of (the Eastern beck of) Raisdale which appear as two dark circles amonst the lighter field.

High Bridestones (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

I took another visit up here a few days ago, had another wander past the site around the grouse butts, loose rocks, ricky outcrops and sheep, and noticed a rectangular shap that didn't match the rest of the grouse butts, infact looked nothing like them.

I notice one of the previous posts mentions a cairn - could this be it? Fours walls with slabs over the top, small fern or bracken growing under the slabs. Still a wonderful place no matter how damaged it is (why it hasn't been fenced off from vehicles I don't understand)

High Bridestones (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo

The Wainstones (Natural Rock Feature) — Images

<b>The Wainstones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>The Wainstones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>The Wainstones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>The Wainstones</b>Posted by jobbo

Roseberry Topping (Sacred Hill) — Images

<b>Roseberry Topping</b>Posted by jobbo

The Wheeldale Stones (Standing Stones) — Fieldnotes

Just stumbled across these stones when taking a wrong turn in Pickering and decided to see where the road led, thinking I was completely lost, I spotted them.

The stones looked great looming out of the darkness, and I instantly recognised them.

The stones do look quite odd lined up over such a distance, but they certainly add interest to your jouney. Some naughty people had been there leaving their cheap offerings of pennies (dearest I spotted was a 10p piece!), so I flicked those off, and then watched the daddy-long-legs dance over the stones in my torch light.

Next time there's a sunny day, I'll have to pay this lot another visit and see what they're like in the daylight.

The Wainstones (Natural Rock Feature) — Images

<b>The Wainstones</b>Posted by jobbo

Commondale (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>Commondale</b>Posted by jobbo<b>Commondale</b>Posted by jobbo<b>Commondale</b>Posted by jobbo<b>Commondale</b>Posted by jobbo

Commondale (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

View the location with multimap, click on 'aeriel photo'. Just to the right of the red circle you'll see a brown shape of heather, with a lighter rectangle within it. At the top of this lighter shape you'll see some spots, zoom in on those - and THERE's the circle!

The large white spot on the left is a pile of stones on the edge of the circle, and the other spots are some of the larger stones.

There is quite a large mound on the southern boundary of the circle, which might hide another low stone - or at least that's what my backside thinks as it felt very uncomfortable in places!

As alirich says, just to the south of the circle are two rowan trees which are inline with the circle, follow those uphill and you'll spot the pile of stones... hopefully anyway!

And do watch out for that bog/pool - don't do a me and slip into it - it smells!

Absolutely gorgeous views looking out through Kildale to the outer edge of the Cleveland Hills. You can see Captain Cook's monument and Roseberry Topping too.

Further north of the site is a ridge that runs across the moor to the Commondale - Kildale road, nice walk back that is.

High Bridestones (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Love your brum-brum engine! It won't love you that's for sure when you make it climb the hill to this place! "Upwards at 45 degrees" gained new meaning there!

After roaming around, freezing are fingers and toes off, Commondale and Freebrough Hill we finally reached these lovelies. I was a stone-circle virgin and lost my circle virginity at the High Bridestones - how appropriate we thought!

The main stone looks just like a big willy with it's bell-end and it's lovely grassy forest - but it's a good one! I'm currently painting it, and everyone who sees it thinks the same thing...

A few fallen stones beside it, and some smaller ones scattered about - we had some gorgeous views on that FREEZING autumn evening.

The area can be very boggy when wet, so best not take your good shoes. Lots of lumpy moss all around helps give it an other-worldly atmosphere, but I have to aggree that the area has been badly disturbed by ignorant pheasant shooters, local teens and sheep farmers!

The Low Bridestones just down the hill towards Grosmont are quite hard to find amongst the heather and peat bogs, but just follow the stone wall from the road and you'll soon see them.

We could easily see circles here, but you'd need an aeriel view to get a better idea of what's there - but we're convinced!

Take lots of thick, warm clothes and hot drinks if you go at anytime other than a heatwave - that wind is a nighmare!

Roseberry Topping (Sacred Hill) — Fieldnotes

I probably wouldn't be able to count how many times I've climbed this wonderful hill!

Also known as Odin's Hill, due to the theory that he was once worshipped here, it is a great place for a lovely walk with friends and family, and is often visited by the locals in the Cleveland / South Durham area.

Has gorgeous views of the Freebrough Hill, Cleveland Hills, the North Sea, Eston Nab, the Wainstones, Great Ayton and the 'Teesside' conurbation.

If you look at this site on Multimap (or just any map really!) you'll see, just to the south, Aireyholme Farm, once home to that great explorer James Cook! He has a bloody great monolith all to himself over on Easby Moor - lucky sod!

As you climb from Roseberry Lane and Newton-under-Roseberry you'll pass through Newton Woods, which a wonderful oak wood filled to the brim with bluebells in spring!

Go there, climb, sit, enjoy. And if anyone uses their mobile phones: THROW THEM OFF THE EDGE!!!!!! (the people that is!)

Roseberry Topping (Sacred Hill) — Folklore

"When Roseberry Topping wears a cap,

Let Cleveland then beware of a clap !"

Roseberry Topping (Sacred Hill) — Miscellaneous

Quote from

"Roseberry Topping was connected with the Vikings, as the word 'Topping', from 'Toppen', is one of a number of old Viking words for a hill, but the original Viking name for Roseberry Topping was Odins-Beorge meaning Odin's Hill. Roseberry may have been a centre for the worship of the Viking god Odin in Pagan times. Over the years, the name changed to Othensberg, Ohenseberg, Ounsberry and Ouesberry. Association with the village then called Newton-under-Ouseberry at the foot of the hill led to the modern name Roseberry when the final 'R' of 'under' produced the initial letter of the modern name. Newton under Ouseberry is now called Newton under Roseberry."

Roseberry Topping (Sacred Hill) — Images

<b>Roseberry Topping</b>Posted by jobbo

High Bridestones (Stone Circle) — Images

<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo<b>High Bridestones</b>Posted by jobbo

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