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The Long Man of Wilmington (Hill Figure)

Trinny and susannah at the Long Man of Wilmington - Day 1

This You Tube presentation covers the first day of filming on the figure, including evidence of irresponsible practices on the part of ITV.

Pagans protest at Trinny & Suzanna TV show

This is the You Tube video of the protest at the Long Man of Wilmington on Monday 2nd July 2007, against the stunt that involved 100+ women trampling all over the Long Man for the TV show "Trinny and Susannah Undress"

Sussex Archeaological Society

This is the information page on the Long Man of Wilmington on the Sussex Archaeological Society website.

This is an 1878 map of the Long Man of Wilmington, and the surrounding area, from a website that is fascinating from an MA point of view.

They allow re-use of images under the conditions laid down here:

The Tump, Lewes (Artificial Mound)

The Mount -

A page from, giving information on the site, though a visit is all one should need to doubt that anyone would bother building any sort of castle that could fit on the top of the site!

The Long Man of Wilmington (Hill Figure)

The Countryside ignites!

Page from the Countryside Alliance's own website, bragging about the vandalism, including a picture of it taking place.

17/8/05 UPDATE: They seem to have removed the picture. What a shame...

2/8/06 UPDATE: It's back again. Maybe they think the heat is off now...

5/7/07 UPDATE: And it's gone again

Croham Hurst Barrow (Round Barrow(s))

Information on the site from Croydon Council

Windmill Hill (Causewayed Enclosure)

Multimap Image of Windmill Hill

This one shows the whole enclosure, which the plug-in doesn't quite.
Check out those plough marks in the surropunding fields...

Butser Hill (Ancient Village / Settlement / Misc. Earthwork)

Butser Hill Ancient Farm

Looks worth a visit...

Old Winchester Hill (Hillfort)


A good aerial view of the site.

Devil's Dyke (West Sussex) (Hillfort)


A good aerial view of the Devil's Dyke dry valley and the Hillfort on the spur to its north west.

Ditchling Beacon (Hillfort)


A reasonable aerial view of the enclosure, and better than anything you are likely to get on the ground frankly.

Barkhale (Causewayed Enclosure)


A very good aerial photo of the site from Multimap, in case you don't believe me once you've been there yourself :-)

Coombe Hill (Causewayed Enclosure)

Combe Hill (Alternate spelling?)

A lot of good info on the site, including Curwen's 1929 map.

Barkhale (Causewayed Enclosure)

Internet Archaeology

Information on Barkhale from the Internet Archaeology Journal

Knocknarea (Cairn(s))


This page from a travel site is of interest because it shows a picture of the cairn on top of Maeve's Tomb in 1999 (About 2/3 of the way down the page) as well as an account of a visit to Carrowmore Cemetary.

Compare the cairn in 1999 with the 2003 picture:

The Long Man of Wilmington (Hill Figure)

The Long Man of Wilmington

I am adding some sites on Windover Hill, the site of the Long Man of Wilmington. These photographs were taken nearly 4 years ago and I have only just dug them up!

The landscape above the Long Man is well worth a visit for those who don't mind shapes in the grass with no interesting rocks cluttering up the place. We don't really do rocks in this neck of the woods.

(See the Goldstone, in Brighton, for a notable exception. The only megalith to have had a football ground named after it!)

The fact that a large Neolithic Long Barrow and a large Bronze Age Round Barrow seem to be aligned with the space on which the Long Man now stands is something that I find intriguing. While the Naturalistic figure of the Long Man could only be Roman at the very oldest, I believe there to have been something on this site for a very long time. If only we could see what were the original designs on this hill.

Men Scryfa (Standing Stone / Menhir)

Men Scryfa

The photograph on this page shows the inscription clearly.
I am an Atheist Naturalist Humanist Neo-Pagan Ritualist Revivalist Philosophical Druid (Yes that title is tongue-in-cheek), living and practising in Sussex.

The Long Man of Wilmington is a site of great importance for me and was the first with which I feel I connected spiritually. In 1998 I started walking extensively in the area of the Long Man as well as taking an interest in its history.

Both my grandfathers died in early 1999 (See my fieldnotes on Windmill Hill). As a way of honouring them, between April 1999 and August 2000 I walked the route from Eastbourne, in East Sussex, to The Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire, via the South Down's Way, Winchester Cathedral, the Clarendon Way, Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, the Vale of Pewsey, Avebury and the Ridgeway.
The walk also took in visits to both of their graves, in Sussex and Wiltshire, en route.

In 2001 I extended this walk from Salisbury Cathedral, West to Wells Cathedral and then on to Glastonbury Tor.

Nearly all of my earlier pictures were taken during these walks and I tend to focus, overall, on Sussex and the South Downs.

In recent years I have also taken an interest in Ireland, as marrying into an Irish family does tend to mean one visits the place from time to time!

Although I have become an atheist, I still class myself as a Pagan. This can give rise to interesting discussions!

My TMA Content: