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Whitehills (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

Whitehills was found due to one of a23's numerous detours - no we were not lost - but it was a joyous outcome.

Its on forestry commission land and currently the site car-park which is right next to the site is being used as a log-yard so i'm afraid that it is at least a mile's walk from the car-park at the forest entrance.

Do not be put off though as for one the walk is great and two the site is wondrous.

The setting is great, the stones are all in good shape and check out the phallic one!!

In the centre there is what looks like a chamber/burial of some sort as there are a great number of rocks which i was gagging to explore with a trench and a trowel.

Due to the logging around you the smell is great as well.

Find this site and you will be rewarded greatly.

And remember that the walk back to the car is all downhill!

Nine Ladies of Stanton Moor (Stone Circle) — Fieldnotes

aaaah! the nine ladies of stanton moor - so peaceful so subdued so wonderful, its quite a long walk from the road from some directions but once there take your time and chill!!!!!!

my companion for the trip was my mother who had only ever seen Stonehenge in terms of a site.

whilst walking there she was complaining but on the return she had returned!

another magical moment

Arbor Low (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

I've visited Derbyshire a number of times over the past three years and have always been struck by the vastness of the landscapes around Arbor Low but failed to actually take the courage and visit. I've always considered that it would be a bit like seeing Stonehenge for the first time, you are looking out for it and then suddenly there it is and due to the vastness of the landscape around you think 'is that it!'. That was my reason for not visiting as I was so drawn to the landscape that the site and stones themselves would seem so insignificant in there recumbent, recumbent state.

This summer though I happened to be passing and thought hey! its about time I checked into Arbor Low.

The sign off the main road is very clear, however you need to turn again as soon as you come off the main road otherwise you will end up in the sleepy villages.

Once parked, there is a small pull off, there is a long track upwards that leads to a farm yard, where you pay 50p. There is a small weatherbeaten sign and information board just before the farm. If the occupier is at home then there are opportunites for a cup of tea and a cake. You follow up through the farm yard and turn left and suddenly............

wow!!! you are transformed, the stones might be all recumbent and subdued but stand there and take it all in and the beauty to behold is magical!

Avebury (Circle henge) — Fieldnotes

I have now visited Avebury five times and have sat watching peoples reactions to the stones for hours. It is definetely a female site in that they are nearly all drawn to touching and embracing the stones like long lost relatives. Males tend to stand back and admire with little touching apart from pointing out various details to their friends. Kids don't seem to know whether they are male or female. The sheep don't seem to bother.
My first impression was not about the stones or the circles but how big the sky is!
Everyone should visit before it is fenced off totally by our guardians.

Silbury Hill (Artificial Mound) — Fieldnotes

Sorry, but I just had to climb it and when I got to the top I just started dancing - I have no idea why and have told everybody since and they now think that I am weird!
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